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By: Maxsolutions  09-12-2011
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This and subsequent pages describes the Software programs covered in this Site. Primarily they are from TOP PRODUCER® Systems, and do NOT include software nor parts of existing systems which are not utilized or available for the Canadian marketplace.

Top Producer 8i was released on February 13th, 2008, followed by the full release on July 11th. Top Producer 8i is ONLINE & WEB-BASED - Gone are the days of Loading software on your Computer, remembering to backup your precious data; losing it to a Virus, having an assistant (or yourself) lose a letter or a flyer by hitting the delete key!!).
With TOP PRODUCER 8i, you have state-of-the-art Web Publishing, Beautiful Flyers - the Easy Way, Totally Secure Data, backed up Hourly & Daily & weekly in separate locations.  The list goes on!!

If you are looking to Purchase from the TOP PRODUCER Family of Products,

Alternatively, free to contact me at 1-888-547-5331 - If I am not available, ask for my colleague, Gurj Nijjar - He will be happy to assist you

Upgrade NOW to 8i from

TOP PRODUCER  7i, 6 or 6i or 5.1

Call me or send an e-mail for further information on the latest in the powerhouse of products from TOP PRODUCER 8i - Don't procrastinate - SOME SPECIAL PRICING PACKAGES may STILL be in effect . . . .

    If you are a member of the following Franchises: Century 21, Re/Max, Prudential & Coldwell Banker,

TOP PRODUCER for the BLACKBERRY is THE program - it is TOP PRODUCER 8i - running under the Blackberry OS. It Wirelessly synchronizes effortlessly with the TOP PRODUCER 8i in your main computer - you have all your TOP PRODUCER Data from your computer - in your Blackberry - at your fingertips - and vice versa - It is the ONLY way to go!
If your Blackberry is a later Model with 64Mb RAM &  uses the BLACKBERRY OS 4.0.2 or later, it can use TOP PRODUCER 8i
Currently, the  best models of BLACKBERRY are the BOLD; Pearl; Pearl Flip; Curve 8300; Curve 8900; BlackBerry 7130e; 8700 Series; 8800 Series; Storm; Tour.
(available through Bell Mobility or Rogers & Others) Need more info?? drop me an e-mail.


You need to see to believe! - Unlike other Database Contact management programs for the Real Estate Professional, TOP PRODUCER for the Palm Smartphone is THE program for the Palm! - it is TOP PRODUCER 8i - running under the Palm OS. It synchronizes effortlessly with the TOP PRODUCER 8i in your main computer - you have all your TOP PRODUCER 8i 7i Data from your computer - in the Palm - at your fingertips - and vice versa - It is the ONLY way to go!
If your PDA uses the PALM OS, it can use TOP PRODUCER for the Palm smartphone!
Currently, the best models of Palm are the PALM® TREO 600 / 650 / 680 / 700p / 755
Palm Centro
Handhelds: Palm Z22; Palm TX; Tungesten E2; Zire
(available through Bell Mobility or Rogers & others) - these units work extremely well with TOP PRODUCER 8i.  Need more info?? drop me an e-mail.

TOP PRODUCER Web Sites are the latest in Web 2.0 format and design. Lead capture systems automatically bring their data into your 8i database and permit you to contact a lead from your web site within minutes of their entering their data - it show up on your PDA, cellphone or BlackBerry and permits you to contact a new lead within minutes, thus proving you are the ideal Real Estate Salesperson, or Broker with technology on your side - they'll be glad they called you!
Integrated with your TOP PRODUCER 8i Database, it contains a complete password controlled customer portal, advising them of your latest efforts to market the property they have put in your hands.
Your Web Site can be up and running in an extremely short time period - You will even have a Web Consultant calling you for advice and how-to tips to assist you.  There are many stunning designs to choose from or feel free to customize your own. Naturally, your Tech support is free, from a team of experienced Website consultants.
You can even set up your own Real Estate BLOG to increase exposure and showcase your expertise.
Lastly, you will have access to easy-to-use tracking tools to track site traffic, usage, and leads.
Using Microsoft OUTLOOK 2007, you will be able to integrate TOP PRODUCER 8i with OUTLOOK 2007, using the Power of Outlook, together with the Mailing Lists from Top Producer 8i, with all e-mails being fully linked between OUTLOOK and the Top Producer 8i contact database

        Depends on your Board! - Contact me to ascertain whether your RE Board has approved TOP CONNECTOR (Most of the larger Boards in Canada have TOP CONNECTOR approved) for use with Board data).

TOP CONNECTOR is the "bridge" between TOP PRODUCER 8i and the data from your RE Board. To create a CMA, a Buyer Presentation, or a Home Market Report takes just a few minutes, these Presentations being fully customizable and when completed - to e-mail them is a breeze.


Keywords: Real Estate, web site

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If you use TOP PRODUCER 8i, our fee-based Training Courses are designed to make you self-sufficient MaxSolutions is also the contract Trainer at the Toronto RE Board for all TOP PRODUCER 8i products and these courses are routinely held at the Toronto Board Offices.