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By: Masterfinancial  09-12-2011
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The Capital Stewardship Campaign Guide Includes:

Our Capital Stewardship Campaign Guide contains everything you and your leadership team will ever need to know about running a successful capital campaign in a single handy source. The guide is structured to make learning fast and simple. It includes 36 informative lessons divided into 7 helpful sections to guide you and your leadership team through every phase of a successful campaign. Why spend hours surfing the internet and scouring the library bookshelves trying to piece together the components of a stewardship campaign, when you can have a tried and true single source reference. We've taken our 29+ years of Christian stewardship experience and packed it into a 390 page fundraising manual that guides you step-by-step.

Clearly, it is time for a change! The old methods of fundraising through "fire and brimstone" preaching won't work. Stewardship fundraising letters on their own don't always work. People want accountability for the money they give to the church. You need a new approach, one which is based on biblical principles.

Order our Complete Capital Campaign Resource Package now and you'll get this Campaign Guide with everything you'll ever need to know about planning and running a successful church stewardship campaign and in a single handy resource manual. You'll use this manual over and over as you fund-raise special projects within your church!


* SUPERCHARGE YOUR CONGREGATION SPIRITUALLY, unite and energize your congregation behind a common goal, increase the congregational giving, develop new leadership potential in your church, improve your church facilities, expand your ministry opportunities, and raise money - even if you have no fundraising experience at all!

* GET A VALUABLE TOOL KIT filled with proven templates, sample fundraising letters, stewardship sermon outlines, stewardship scripture, stewardship letters, plus dozens of ideas for church fund raising events and even more than 100 suggestions for a stewardship campaign theme.

Let me show you what's inside..

Section 1 - 6 Lessons

In this section, 6 lessons provide an overview of the stewardship campaign process. In addition, you will learn how to identify the role of the Pastor, as well as determine if this is the right time for your church stewardship campaign.

Section 2 - 5 Lessons

The next five lessons will focus on how to get ready for your church stewardship program. You'll learn to develop and clarify the vision for your fund raising campaign project. Sample pulpit announcements and sample stewardship letters will help you communicate your vision of the future for your church.

Section 3 - 6 Lessons

The next six important lessons guide your leadership team through the church stewardship campaign process from the early planning stages through to the predictors of a successful stewardship campaign. This analysis process helps to ensure a successful stewardship campaign by eliminating the guess work, identifying strategic goals and implementing your strategy. All of this guides your leadership to a goal oriented stewardship campaign target.

Section 4 - 5 Lessons

The Best Fundraising Guide Available!

Five more lessons in this helpful section prepare your leadership team to answer any questions members have about your up-coming stewardship campaign. Included are techniques for reaching the congregation, involving people in your stewardship campaign and gaining consensus from your church board, your church members and the church staff for your vision.

Section 5 - 5 Lessons

Five critical lessons in this section walk you through the leadership selection process. The success of your stewardship campaign will depend upon finding the right leaders and building a strong team. In this important step, you gain insight into leadership styles, and potential problems. In addition, you will clarify the role of the steering committee, visitation leader, prayer leader, bible study leader, promotions and communications leader as well as identifying the responsibilities of additional committees.

Section 6 - 4 Lessons

Four of the most powerful lessons are included here, and will equip your leadership with the tools they will need to execute your church stewardship program with ease. The "Tool Box" provides you with sample stewardship letters, a sample brochure, 115 stewardship themes, sample bulletin inserts, ideas for fund raising events, Christian resource web sites, a sample stewardship sermon, sample sermon outlines and a sample case statement template. This section also describes the visitation process and gives you alternative methods to consider.

Section 7 - 5 Lessons

Five more powerful lessons guide your leadership through the commitment strategy to ensure strong and continuing participation from your church membership in your stewardship program. The sample giving tables, receiving the pledge, commencement events, celebration events, prayer updates, scripture memorization and regular reports included here, will keep momentum strong for your stewardship campaign.

We understand that from time to time, your organization will be burdened with the cost of minor repairs, renovations, building a youth room, adding bible study classrooms or developing capital project that you just can't fund from your on-going budget, stewardship or fundraising activities. You are probably going to need help fundraising to generate an extra $100,000 or $1 - 5 million for any of these capital expenditures.

Typical capital fundraising campaigns can cost anywhere from $20,000 - $120,000 and more. The Complete Capital Campaign Resource Package will enable you to keep this money in your church for your ministries, missions, programs and other areas that need funding!

If you order the Complete Capital Campaign Resource Package today, you will save money and receive a wealth of knowledge that you can use again and again to help your church grow!

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