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By: Marketing Writer  09-12-2011
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Got a YOU In Your Website?  

Over the years, Psychology Today has done numerous studies designed to uncover the characteristics of successful sales people.

The author of one of those studies found the best salespeople first establish a mood of trust and rapport by means of “hypnotic pacing’ – statements and gestures that play back a prospect’s observations, experience or behavior.

The objective? Suggest to the prospect ‘I am like you. We are in snyc. You can trust me.’

Are You Marketing What Your Customers Want?

I’m driving past a cemetery yesterday and there’s some construction going on which has me stopped dead (sorry) right at the entrance.

I look over and there’s a sign beside the gate that says, ‘Premium sites available.’

Hmmmmmm. Let’s see. You’re the guy in charge of filling the place and that’s what you come up with?

I get it if you’re selling parcels of land on Lake Tahoe or corporate tents at the British Grand Prix or something like that.

How Much Time Should I Spend Marketing?

You’ve probably heard the expression regarding working ON your business instead of IN it?

 Well, marketing is an ON activity and for many of us, finding time to make sure we do it on a consistent basis can be like pushing water uphill with your nose.  

Most days, I do a pretty good job of finding my way past the icebergs, enjoying the adventures and ensuring I make time to do things that will help me grow my business.

As a copywriter, I know how important marketing is and understand that a significant chunk of time should be directed toward this activity that represents the lifeblood of any business.

One Small Silent Step For This Copywriter

The only reason for this post was to see if I could upload a picture into my blog on my own. Like Paul sang, Baby, I’m amazed! 

A picture I took of Phil and Freddie on 7th tee at Augusta National

Does Your Online Marketing Suffer From Incomplete-itis?

My wife and I were watching TV a couple of months ago and came across a public broadcasting channel presenting a live concert from Ireland featuring Celtic Woman.  The music and singing were so amazing I actually fished out a credit card and paid a hundred bucks for a DVD of the performance.

Fast forward to October and I find out they’re playing at a resort north of Toronto in December. I go to the resort’s site to see if tickets are available and what they cost.  Bingo!  Two tickets. Sign me up. The confirmation tells me to expect my tickets in 4-6 weeks.

Last week, my wife says “Hey, why don’t you check and see if we can stay at the resort that night?”.

4 Tips To Get More People Reading Your Online Copy

Reading on the internet can be hard work . And that’s a challenge especially if you rely on your online copy to generate sales prospects.  Eye strain is a big issue for the online crowd with numerous studies finding that reading performance drops dramatically on the web.

It’s not hard to figure out why.

Many site owners (and web designers) seem obsessed with assaulting their readers with a dog’s breakfast of font colours, shapes and sizes that force the reader to struggle to take it all in. Big mistake. Many potential prospects will do what we all do when faced with this challenge - find something that’s easier on the eyes.

Here are several quick fixes that will make your site more reader friendly:

Tip#1:  Don’t use small font sizes. This is the biggest eyestrain culprit. You can make your font size scalable but the simple fix is make it easy to read. 

Tip#2: Break up your copy. Large oceans of textare overwhelming for your reader.  And expensive for you. Break things up and make your copy more scannable. Use bullets and subheadings. Keep paragraphs short. Use bolding. Use columns or set margins so reader’s eyes doesn’t have too travel too far along the line.                                    

Tip#3: Use contrasting font colours. The best is black font on a white background. That is easiest to read and is what people are used to. Newspapers and magazines don’t use this by accident.   

Tip#4: Have a clean page. Avoid the cluttered, busy look. Only use content that will help you lead your prospect to take the next step in your selling process.

Your chances of achieving your sales objectives will increase if you avoid making your reader fight to understand your message.

Use Marketing Clarity To Increase Sales

Any effective client-attracting promotional material usually contains the following five elements:

  • Clearly defined products or services
  • Clearly targeted ideal buyers
  • Clear, benefit-oriented messages
  • Clearly written/designed marketing materials
  • Clearly communicated offers

Without them, it’s difficult to make a connection with your prospects.

As straightforward as they seem, getting these “marketing ducks” in a row is a huge challenge for many business owners.

How about you? Are you attracting the right kind of clients? Where is your marketing falling short?

Is Your Marketing Penny-Wise Pound-Foolish?

A colleague of mine and I were having a conversation the other day about a marketing mystery. Isn’t it odd that we spend so much time, money and energy trying to make a difference in the lives of our customers so we can earn a reasonable profit and yet, often, we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to doing the things that will help us achieve that objective?

Even though many of us become knowledgeable about effective marketing strategies, somehow, some of what we learn never makes it to the front line – the point where our sales proposition is laid bare in front of our prospect for consideration.

How To Fix Sputtering Marketing

Is your marketing generating a steady stream of sales leads ?

If not, ask yourself this question: Do you have a marketing plan?

Are you caught in the “IN” trap?

“I’m caught in a trap…I can’t walk out…”

When Mark James aka Francis Zambon wrote those lyrics in 1968 as part of Suspicious Minds, I doubt he had us in mind. I’m sure Elvis didn’t.

But those words ring true for many business owners struggling today trying to maintain margins. 

They are mired working IN their business leaving little time to work ON their business.

But are they really trapped?

Or are they just more comfortable with the devil they know (12 hour days) than the devil they don’t (finding more efficient ways to generate profits and freeing them up to do other things)?

Let’s face it…learning new things takes us out of our comfort zone. But in order to maintain our success in today’s noisy and crowded marketplace – complete with economic downturns and new competitors springing up all over the place – we need to keep up with times.

And that means a willingness to venture into the unknown.

Otherwise, we`ll be left behind. Maybe not today. But eventually. The days of reaction are over. As business owners, we need to be out in front if we want to making sure our businesses continue to thrive.

Especially when it comes to marketing.

For many business owners, marketing is a mysterious, money and time sucking black hole that is to be avoided at every opportunity.

Why? Because for some, the few, unconnected marketing tactics they’ve used have produced little in the way of profitable results. 

And that’s the problem. Marketing is not series of one-shot deals. It should be an organized system that constantly being monitored for effectiveness.

At the end of the day, as a business owner, you are really in the marketing business – not the business of delivering the product or service that delivers benfits to your clients and customers.

Perhaps  you`ve never thought of it that way.

Although the reasons for making marketing a priority are many, here’s one that supercedes all the others.

Without a focused effort on creating a marketing system now – many business owners won`t be working one-hour days – forget 12 – as they find themselves losing ground to competitors who embrace the need for a marketing system

These savvy marketers understand the importance of implementing strategies and processes that automate their marketing efforts and equip them with the modern marketing weapons they they need to attract the attention of prospects, keep them “warm” until they’re ready to buy.

Many business owners are leaving tons of money on the table by not addressing three common marketing leverage points:

  • They are trying to one-step prospects into buying. This is probably responsible for more lost selling opportunities than any other marketing mistake.
  • They lack an automated, easy-to-implement and manage follow up system. The fortune is in the follow-up. Very few people buy friom us the first time they come across our offering. It’s the back end where the profit lies.
  • They have no organized system in place for upselling or cross selling. This is a win-win situation and yet very few business owners do it. Clients who have already indicated they WANT the value the business owner can offer want to know more ways they can  benefit. It’s up to us to tell them.

If you`re tired of hacking your way through the marketplace jungle with a dull butter knife, try implementing some simple, inexpensive systems that will address the three leverage points above.

You`ll probably be able to cut your 12-hour day in half – and have plenty more profit to show for your efforts.

Gerry Black is a marketing writer based in Toronto, Canada who works with clients in the U.S. and Canada.

Keywords: Marketing

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