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By: Jagger Hims  09-12-2011


The repercussions of poorly engineered rural servicing solutions can be devastating, and result in business interruptions, approval delays, and system failure.

Jagger Hims Limited has an established track record for developing design solutions for the long-term protection of groundwater and surface water resources while maintaining the specific needs of the client in each application.

We offer a broad scope of services for residential, commercial, and institutional clients. Contact our team to find out more information about how we can help you.

Residential Sewage Systems

Private residential sewage system designs can be done for as low as $2,700.

New Subdivision Developments

If you are a developer and need Draft Plan Approval, Jagger Hims Limited can provide a complete Rural Servicing study.

Ready to start building? Jagger Hims Limited can complete master grading plans, domestic well certifications, and cost-effective sewage system solutions.

Recreational, Institutional, and Commercial

If you own or operate a school or a recreational facility such as a golf course, campground, trailer park, or resort, Jagger Hims Limited can assist you in obtaining MOE approval and can service your long term monitoring needs.

Jagger Hims Limited can provide engineering solutions for any commercial application including high strength wastewater.

Site Assessment and System Failure

Need to know if your existing system is sized appropriately, or if you can fit a sewage system on a specific lot? Jagger Hims Limited offers complete site assessment services to meet your individual needs.

Has your bed failed, or are you concerned that it may be failing? Call Jagger Hims Limited and we can give you the answers.

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