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By: Jagger Hims  09-12-2011


Environmental Property Assessments are performed in order to determine existing and potential environmental hazards associated with current or historical land use. An assessment identifies:

  • Hazards to human health
  • Hazards to the natural environment
  • Exposure to legal liability

Environmental Property Assessments are conducted in a phased approach. Each subsequent phase is more extensive than the previous. Subsequent phases identify:

  • The exact nature, extent, and severity of contamination
  • Suitable approaches for site cleanup
  • Approximate costs for cleanup to pre-agreed levels of acceptability.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Jagger Hims Limited routinely conducts Phase I Environmental Assessments. A complete Phase I Assessment can be done for as low as $1,800.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase II Assessment is required when a Phase I Assessment indicates environmental concerns. A Phase II documents vital information about factors you cannot see.

Phase III Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase III involves the identification and implementation of remediation measures in order to remove contamination.

Brownfield Development

If you are looking to expand or redevelop on a brownfield site Jagger Hims Limited can help you.

Underground Storage Tank Removal

If you have a underground storage tank that needs to be removed give us a call. Jagger Hims Limited has completed hundreds of tank removals and the required sampling and follow-up.

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