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By: Doran Custom Designs  09-12-2011
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We have a full line of services for you, the customer, to choose from and to ensure that there is no out sourcing to worry about before, during or after your project.  Please feel free to contact us for a consultation or quotation on any individual item or project feeling confident that all needs and requirements can and will be handled efficiently and effectively throughout the projects stages.

We have an in house designer and can provide consultation or management from an A.R.I.D.O. member company as the need may arise. 

We have a standard authorized agent form that allows us to handle any and all issues that may arise in the permit obtaining process.  We are able to provide drawings (concept, structural, mechanical (HVAC, plumbing, electrical) and landscaping), engineering and site plan alterations or amendments and handle all requirements by the town to obtain and subsequently close permits for your project.

We can provide both poured concrete and or block foundations depending on the situation and customer preference.  Our consulting engineers give us the opportunity to shore, repair or remove sections of existing foundations, substructure and piers.  We have many innovative solutions for foundations and foundation issues.

Framing (New and existing)

We typically use standard framing materials and procedures, including spruce, o.s.b., engineered flooring joists (wood I beams) and non structural steel framing for interior applications.  In addition we can provide quotes using engineered strand lumber, structural steel, I.C.F. and many green building procedures to allow a more stable, efficient and environmentally friendly construction process.

Doors, Windows and Building envelope

Our windows are all custom designed and then supplied and installed by our source with whom we are able to resource any and all styles, finishes and looks.  Our windows come with a transferable lifetime warranty.  All selections, consults and samples can be selected and seen from the comfort of your home or at the showroom corresponding to your selection. 

We can provide an energy efficient product by using materials and techniques to greatly increase the insulation values and capabilities of your home and have consulting engineers in respects to this avenue.  Many design components and considerations can be accommodated and included to allow a "green" home that will help maintain and sustain our precious environment.

Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Entertainment Systems

We have licensed plumbers and electricians that can handle any and all requirements in their fields.  Our group of wholesalers and retailers can provide any number of standard, designer or import fixtures and devices to complement any decor. 

We are versatile in our ability to provide heating and air conditioning as well as ducting components.  We can provide heating on all available combustible fuels as well as many environmentally friendly methods to either fully provide or supplement heating and cooling systems.  We are also able to provide highly effective and or standard air purification systems that will create a balanced comfortable environment for those with extreme sensitivity to air quality and seasonal particulate.

We have a consulting home entertainment company that can design, supply and install any and all home theatre systems, components and setups to allow the best possible operation in the space provided.

Flooring and Trim

We have a number of wholesalers and retailers that we use to provide the exact look you are after in any species or type, be it matching existing, recreating a period style, or just providing a new look or feel for your home.


We provide a full line of in house cabinetry custom designed to fit and work with the corresponding space and decor.  We can provide any custom style and finish accompanied by full concept and working drawings so you have a full understanding of all aspects of your cabinetry before production.  We are also pleased to provide an optional material low in formaldehyde and v.o.c. to construct your cabinetry in our efforts to protect our environment through all stages of our construction process.  We are also pleased to be connected with a leading supplier for all your appliance needs to complement your cabinetry in the kitchen, bars and built-ins.

Painting, Interior and Exterior Finishes

Our painting contractors ensure the finish product is beyond expectations as we want to again exceed in all aspects of the project.  Other finishes we can provide and work with include glass, tin, stainless steel, copper and any other metal finish or color, iron, wood, concrete, stone slabs or pieces, stone and concrete precast, brick, tiles and mosaics, and many other finishes and looks to fit your decor. 

Common exterior finishes we use are stone (both precast and natural) and or brick.  Brick can be matched perfectly to existing even with weathering and fading and existing brick can be altered in color with the same treatment.  Wood and composite sidings to create or replicate any style old or new and to complement the elevation and surroundings and stucco with a full variety of mouldings and details available.  Soffit, fascia and all eaves trough can be completed in a variety of finishes including wood, aluminum and or copper. 

All types of roofing are offered with reliable warranteed installation, asphalt (shingles or rolled), E.P.D.M. flat roof membrane (*We do not use any torch on products).  Cedar shakes, metal, slate, and or copper.  Please contact us for more information on interior and exterior finishes and possibilities.


We work with a landscape architect and garden planner who provides full scale designs and drawings for small areas or whole properties.  We can provide any and all outdoor living requirements to supplement your project, including wood and composite decks, hardscaping, asphalt, concrete (patterned and finished) and natural stone and at the very least leave your landscaping in original condition with grading, sod and walkways as required to leave your property in pristine condition after construction completion.  Many options for situation specific needs are available as well (i.e. heated driveways, ice build up solutions, and drainage issues).


Keywords: brick, Consulting Engineers, Engineers, Wood

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