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By: Browz  09-12-2011

Imagine an easier compliance system that increases your business opportunities

If interested clients could more easily see that you‘ve met their compliance requirements you may net more extended contracts and new business relationships. BROWZ’ advanced technology and superior data solutions make the compliance process easier and more cost effective, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Prequalification and compliance audits can be a frustrating process. Working with multiple buyers can add complexity when submitting documentation. And unless your clients have a single place of storage for compliance related data, you may find yourself submitting and re-submitting documentation over and over again. The BROWZ network was designed to overcome all of these hurdles to efficiency.

BROWZ eliminates lost documents and minimizes duplication. Once you complete a client’s requirements you’ll only be asked to resubmit data if something is incomplete or when data expires. Best of all, BROWZ tracks those expirations for you and sends you prompt notices to avoid non-compliance.

BROWZ is effective regardless of your organization’s size.

If your resources are limited we will perform the necessary data entry on your behalf and make you aware of required data. You and your team can concentrate on more pressing issues such as growing your business and completing jobs.

Larger organizations get all the same benefits of the BROWZ back-office administrative team and safety professionals. They may also enjoy the advantage of one source documentation. No more scrambling between departments to locate critical RFP or PQF documentation. With BROWZ, collect this information once and always have it at your disposal in a central location.

BROWZ is an extra marketing tool

Joining the BROWZ Network brings about additional opportunities to grow your business. Not only is your organization highlighted in the BROWZ directory but BROWZ functionality allows you to market your products and services to other client organizations. It’s all included in your annual subscription.

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What if you always knew that your suppliers were meeting all of your compliance requirements and that when looking for new business partners you could see in advance which ones meet your standards. Items such as Insurance Limits and Endorsements can be evaluated against your standards using intuitive icons and expiration notifications.


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In addition to making the compliance process less complex, BROWZ delivers clear bottom line benefits like administrative cost reduction, as well as intangible benefits including greater efficiency, new business connections and peace of mind. While clients, contractors and suppliers have differing objectives and needs, all benefit from participating in the BROWZ network.