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This is a detailed, step-by-step description of the four services offered by our Online Teaching.

Post-A-Problem Process:

  1. When logged in, the student can purchase and use Custom credits to pick up the Online TA's response. Once picked up, the Online TA is paid 60 to 70% of the credit amount and the response is sent to our admin. Here it is considered for inclusion in the Solution Bank for future students to benefit from.
  2. At the time of pickup, the student rates the quality of the Online TA's work. This rating is attached to the response for future student-users to see and is also used to create the ongoing Online TA rating for each member of the community. Poor ratings are sent immediately to the attention of our administrative staff, who monitor the system around the clock. If a response is deemed to be inappropriate or inadequate for any reason, the credits are reimbursed to the student's account and the situation is dealt with accordingly.

Submit-An-Essay Process:

  1. The provided link sends the student to the Student Account Login Page. Student-users then pay for and use Custom Credits to receive the review. Custom Credits cost $3.99 CAD/page. The Online TA responsible for the solution is immediately credited 60 to 70% of the credit cost.
  2. The reviews are rated by each student. This rating is compiled with others to reflect the Online TA's overall rating.
  3. Previously posted essays are NOT made available for future download by other students.

Solution Library Service:

  1. The Solution Library is facilitated with a very robust search engine that allows any individual to browse through the many problems that have been posted to the BrainMass system. Searches can include Subjects, Topics, Online TA ID Numbers, and key words.
  2. Selected problems are sent to an "Online Study Guide" similar to a shopping cart found on many websites. The study guide may be viewed at any time and problems added or removed before checkout.
  3. At checkout, the user is taken to the Student Account Login Page. A quick registration process (non-personal information only) is required for new users.
  4. From the account, Solution Library credits can be purchased and used to download the corresponding step-by-step explanation for each problem. Pricing for Solution Library credits will begin as low as $0.96 CAD (approx. $0.94 USD) each. Once downloaded, the Online TA responsible for each solution is credited 50% of the credit cost. This perpetual revenue source is extremely appealing to our Online TA network and a driving force behind the superb quality of their work.

Reference Desk:

  1. The Reference Desk has been designed by our Online TAs with the needs and concerns of students and parents in mind. It is comprised of four sections: University/College, Secondary School, Parents and Resources.
  2. The University/College section consists of notes and articles on such topics as essay writing, exam preparation, study habits, balance of academic endeavors and extracurricular activities, career planning and graduate study.
  3. The Secondary School section is a compilation of useful tips and tricks tried and tested by our Online TAs when they were in your shoes. Learn how to write a professional essay, whether for a term paper or for college admission. This section will also help you develop effective study habits and improve your learning skills. Take a look into your future and know how to prepare for college before you get there.
  4. The Parents section helps guide readers through the maze that a child's education can prove to be in the modern world. We understand that the welfare and all-round development of kids is the most important parental concern.
  5. The Resources section is a compilation of links to websites on a wide variety of subjects and topics - be it American history or an astronomy theory.
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Keywords: Shopping Cart