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Scrapbooking Class: How to complete 30 album pages in twelve hours

Some people can find scrapbooking overwhelming. This class will teach you how to organize and complete a thirty page album within twelve hours! This is accomplished by eliminating a lot of the guess work & choices while teaching you to create the album in steps rather than one page at a time. All that's required is for you to have roughly 150 photos sorted in the order you prefer for your album. We will give you a materials list before you attend the workshop so you have the necessary, quality tools on hand to increase your efficiency. Soon you will be on your way to completing albums in record time!

Finish It! Program

When you go to the gym you have a few choices: Find your way around the machines alone, guessing what to do, but unsure if you will see the results you desire in the time you have. Attend a few seminars, read a few books, and improve on what you know. Or hire a Personal Trainer to put you on a timeline with specific goals in mind.

We are Personal Trainers for your memories. We can be there to keep you on track, help you get organized, and help see your project through to the end. How great would that feel to completely finish a project in a timely manner?

Here's the bonus:

  • When you purchase a 4 session package, you will receive an exclusive gift at project completion, plus a $20 rebate towards any services!

  • When you purchase 8 sessions, you will receive an exclusive gift at project completion, plus an $80 rebate!

  • Create your own support group of 3 or more friends, and each of you will receive 10% off your next order of service, plus the applicable bonus package above!

Start with Archive This! and Finish It!

Get Organized!

Your Grandmother's 90th birthday is in 4 hours, and you've been asked to bring a few pictures of the both of you for a memory board at her party. Where do you start looking? In your sock drawer? Under the bed? A shoe box? How long do you think it would take you to find them?

You may be surprised to know that we can help you organize your photos in a sorting box , and you will be able to find what you are looking for in only a few minutes! By getting your photos organized, you are preparing yourself for the next step in album making by having everything in one spot. We can meet in your home or our studio to sift through your cherished memories, and conquer that daunting task! By the end of our session your doubles will be eliminated, your photos in chronological order, blurry ones discarded, andthey are all in one place protected from harmful chemicals that will age them. All they await now is an album to tell their story and be shared with loved ones.

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