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By: Newcastle Hearing Solutions  06-03-2015
Keywords: Ear Plugs, Ear Protection

Noise exposure is the second most prevalent cause for hearing loss. It is because of this that we should all be cognizant and protect our hearing from the damage that noise can cause. Often we aren't able to avoid noise because it’s required for work, pleasure or our neighbors would become upset at the length of the grass. It is acceptable to be exposed to noise as long as you are taking the necessary precautions to prevent damage. Sentinel Plugs: A Sentinel plug is a custom molded plug which is made of silicone. It fills the entire canal and provides the greatest reduction of sound available. Noise Breaker: A noise breaker is essentially a Sentinel plug with a hold drilled through it and a noise attenuating filter added. The filter allows for speech sounds to pass through while blocking the majority of damaging noise. This is a great option if you are required to communicate with others while noise is present. It is important to note though that it provides less noise suppression as its counterpart. Musician Plugs: The challenge for musicians who wear hearing protection is that standard ear plugs reduce some sounds more than others. This can affect the ability for the musician to hear the vocals or instruments of other people they’re playing with. This challenge can be rectified with the use of musician plugs which again, are molded to the ear and are made from silicone. They too have a filter in them like the Noise Breaker however it is a more complex filter, and there are three options to choose from depending on the type of music being played and instruments being used.

Keywords: Ear Plugs, Ear Protection

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