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By: Linda Ouellet  09-12-2011

Marlene Graham was an ordinary woman who lived an ordinary life, until she died. Then she became extraordinary! This loving mother reached out from the other side to heal, be healed and to teach. Marlene was desperate to see her son Stewart through the grief process, and in doing so, learned to make peace with her own passing. It was while working with these two loving souls that psychic medium Linda Ouellet learned about karma, karmic debt, past lives, soul retrieval...and most importantly, love. Were it not for the emotional honesty, this would be an unbelievable story.

A Soul Comes Home
Author: Linda Ouellet
ISBN: 978-0-9809953-0-5
Price: $20.00 CAD

A Soul Comes Home eBook
Author: Linda Ouellet

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