Miller Zell | Strategy & Planning

By: Millerzell  09-12-2011

MZ Strategy creates the plans that MZ creative and other groups follow to ensure that every aspect of our retail design and branding work is aligned with the client’s clearly articulated desired outcome.

The team comprises experts from a variety of retail, consumer products, apparel and QSR disciplines with expertise in shopper research, brand management, retail branding and project planning.

We start with the client's existing knowledge base and focus on integrating shopper insights with business needs from revenue, brand and operational perspectives.

When needed we build on this with new primary research using shop-alongs, intercepts, videography, eye tracking, focus groups and prototype testing.

From here we build a structured, fact-based map that guides design through in-store execution – along with multiple consumer and shopper validation points.

We also invest in our own primary research and invest in several shopper and retail studies per year as part of a continuous learning process.

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Miller Zell | Retail Design

The MZ Design Team represents a mix of 2D, 3D and digital creatives with backgrounds in graphics, animation, store planning, merchandising, environmental design, branding, architecture and other disciplines. With an emphasis on purposeful design that blends style and function, MZ Creative works closely with clients to create solutions that are highly productive as well as attractive.


Miller Zell | Services

Everything is coordinated by MZ Project Management teams to give retailers a truly integrated, efficient and cost-effective approach to turning design concepts into productive stores – in ways that are flexible, scalable and drive sales that build brands. We offer a completely integrated set of services that starts with research and design concepts and provides every step needed to get to in-store installation and full rollout.