Product Management: WorldCrest Management Inc

By: Worldcrest Management  09-12-2011

The success of any product comes only with deep understanding of market conditions, real customer requirements, and competition as well as translation of that business intelligence into a strong marketing and distribution strategy within the window of opportunity.

We at Worldcrest Management strive to acquire and manage 'green' products.  We are proactive in our search for new clients that attain the same vision for a cleaner environment.

With our current global network connections & professional sales force we have been able to accelerate our client's sales and exposure beyond their expectations.  With agents in 34 countries and rapidly expanding, Worldcrest Management is able to obtain product recognition and optimize our clients sales.

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Airtabs™: WorldCrest Management Inc

Are unique, Vortex Generators that have been specially designed for 30-90 degree angled rear of vehicles, such as trucks, RV's, Trailers, Toy Haulers, SUV's and cars. Dramatically reduce the 'fish tailing' on trailers and have made tremendous impact on the handling of double trailers in Australia and North America. They work by creating a controlled swirl of air, or vortex which actually reduces wind resistance (or aerodynamic drag).