CM2000 Overview

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The CM2000 Passport/ID card reader designed for fast reading and decoding of an entire document. The reader will quickly scan the document in both a visible and invisible light. Then it will identify key features, such as photo, 2D bar code and OCR text. Each will be will be decoded and verified all in just a few seconds.

The CM2000 utilizes the same OCR recognition engine as the CM1000, which made it the most successful reader in the world. This allows it to read 2 line and 3 line passports, visas and cards. The fields for identified documents are automatically parsed, check-summed, and compared for valid country code, etc. CM2000 supports additional capabilities of full page scanning and other unique features on the card or page, such as photograph and 2D bar code can also be scanned and validated. This allows the CM2000 to provide the multiple document authentication and validation capabilities required for border control.

Furthermore, the CM2000 incorporates high speed transmission features such as ECP/EPP parallel port and USB. This allows the full page image to be downloaded to a PC in under one and a half seconds. Thus every document can be captured and stored without any disruption to the traveler. The reader also has multiple RS-232 ports to allow interconnection with other peripherals such as a laser scanner or optical card reader.

As a full page scanner with a powerful neural net engine, the CM2000 addresses a major problem present today - non machine readable passports. The reader can be trained to identify certain country features on the passport and highlight their risk factor. Additional security features can be enabled that will locate the presence of security devices that should be present on these documents. Furthermore the image of the page can be captured and stored for later examination.

The reader has been designed to evolve to all your future requirements. As new software updates are issued to accommodate any changes to ICAO specifications, or new full page security features are added, the reader will be ready to accept secure downloads which enable it to stay current.

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