CM1000 Overview

By: Wann Connection Devices  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Passport, Travel Document


CM1000 Overview

Canadian Bank Note's Travel Document Reader is an integral component of a total passport issuing and control system uniquely available from CBN, which can be customized to incorporate specific features that meet the most stringent security requirements. CBN will supply either the complete issuing or any of the individual components, which run from security documents, such as high security passports and visas, through to the sophisticated equipment required to verify and validate these documents and ensure their accurate issue and control. The issuing system may then form the basis of an integrated, national data communication network.

The Travel Document Reader (TDR) is an ergonomically designed low profile desktop unit made of molded plastic and steel. It is portable, self-contained and free-standing with a footprint of only 6"x8" (15.2cm x 20.3cm). The TDR may be plugged into any local power supply and is easily connected to any compatible computer. Since the scanning of documents does not require swiping, this compact TDR can be operated in very limited space. Whether the requirement is for border or airport control, police enforcement or to establish and maintain a controlled perimeter, the TDR is ideal for use in multi-location environment. Additionally, the TDR has the built-in flexibility to add future features and applications, thereby making it adaptable to a customer's needs for years to come. Equipped with a flash memory, the TDR is capable of accepting the remote downloading of software upgrades or customization.

The TDR is user-friendly and easy to operate. Using either the left or right hand, the operator inserts the passport firmly against the reading guides and the relevant image is then scanned in a fraction of a second in a static mode. Unlike other readers, the optical reading system uses no moving parts to perform the scanning function. In this way we are able to reduce the incidence of scanning errors which are often present in machines where the document is read by means of swiping. The result is a reader of unequaled accuracy and rapid response, and the users are kept informed of the processing status by three highly visible indicator lights on the unit. This straightforward method of processing requires minimal operator training.

The TDR is designed to recognize documents in conformity with the relevant ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) specifications. It will read passports, visas, identity cards and other travel documents.

Additionally, the TDR can be coupled with any host computer and it may also be used in conjunction with a Local Area Network. In this configuration, it provides a sophisticated method of control and identification through a rapid link to database information.

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Keywords: Passport, Security, Travel Document, Travel Document Reader

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