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By: Verisim  09-12-2011
Keywords: online banking

Rapid application acceptance - where new systems are considered, developed, tested and deployed with minimum risk and time-slippage and users are trained and customers informed - has three basic elements:

Requirements Gathering - build it right first time!

This stage is crucial - because everything that happens here impacts the rest of the project and the knock-on effects of mistakes is multiplied again and again. So are the cost implications. Here, a simulation of the proposed system helps iron-out any issues, disconnect, loose ends, etc and becomes the blueprint from which the main system is developed. With Verisim, this means a fully functional, interactive simulation of the system - its look, its feel, its function. Through an iterative process, the system is refined until all stakeholders agree that the system they are signing-off is the one they want.

Training - train ahead of the go-live date

The simulation used at the requirements gathering stage is then refined [if necessary] for use as a training tool. As this simulation is the blueprint for the main system and is 100% accurate - users can be trained ahead of the real system’s deployment.

The advantages are significant - fully trained employees who have a deep understanding of the system and its functions can hit the ground running when the main system is deployed. Employees can also be trained at multiple sites, simultaneously, via the company extranet. No parallel system is required.

Marketing/Socialising - show people how it looks/feels/works

Simulations have various uses in the marketing and ‘socialising’ of an application or service. Externally, Verisim technology has been used very successfully by many high street banks to demonstrate their online banking system to customers and to allow customers to have trials on ‘dummy accounts. Internally, proposers of new platforms/systems have used a Verisim simulation to illustrate what a new system may look like and how it may function in order to get internal buy-in and sign-off from different areas of the business.

The result - rapid applications acceptance!

Keywords: online banking