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By: Tjfit  09-12-2011
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We have an exciting schedule planned this year! Looking forward to riding with you all!

Membership: $ 56.50
Season Pass: $113 (All 20 rides)          10 Ride
Pass: $79.10                                            5 Ride
Pass: $56.50

2011 Tj Fit Jersey 101. 70 and matching Shorts 101.70 (10%) discount if you take both.

All the prices above include hst.

All Members MUST sign the waiver, each year. Please bring it with you to your first ride with us. The waiver can be found on the OCA website at the following link:

First Time Members must participate in the Rules of the Road Workshop and Bike Maintenance Workshop held on Satuday April 16th from 8am-1pm. Fee $10

New this year the OCA ( Ontario Cycling Association) is allowing new people to try a ride without signing up for the insurance. The fee will be $10 for a trial and there will be 3 rides to chose from, April 16th, April 30th and June 16th.


  1. Saturday April 16th -Maintenance workshop/Rules of the road workshop 8-1pm. Ride at 1:30pm to Richmond ( 30km) RATING: EASY
  2. Saturday April 23rd - Kanata to Pakenham (85km) optional shorter routes will be available. time to be determined. RATING: MODERATE
  3. Saturday April 30th - Pinks Lake Ride (30km) Meeting Place Island Park/Western Parkway Parking lot, 9am. RATING: MODERATE to CHALLENGING.
  4. Saturday May 7th- Champlain Lookout ( 50km).
    Meeting Place: Island Park/Western Parkway Parking Lot, 9am.
  5. Saturday May 14th- Hill Training (30-50km)
    Meeting Place: Island Park/Western Parkway Parking Lot, 9am
  6. Thursday May 19th- Airport loop (20km)
    Meeting Place: Tim Hortons on East side of Prince of Wales Dr. 6pm (0.3km south of Hunt Club)
  7. Saturday, May 28th, Wakefield Ride (90 km-100km)
    Meeting place: Island Park/Western Parkway Parking Lot, 9am
  8. Thursday June 2nd, Canal and Western Parkway Path Ride
    Meeting Place: TJ Fit Studio, 6pm
    Rating: EASY
  9. Saturday June 11th, Foymount Ride (50km)
    Meeting Place: Eganville, Ontario. 10 am.
  10. Thursday June 16th , North Gower Ride ( 50km)
    Meeting Place: TJ Fit Studio, 6pm
    Rating: EASY
  11. Saturday July 2nd, Thousand Island Parkway Ride Ganonoque (70km)
    Meeting Place: Browns Bay Picnic Area, 10am
  12. Thursday Judy 7th- Hill Training (30km)
    Meeting Place: Island Park/Western Parkway Parking Lot 6pm
  13. Wednesday August 3rd- Aylmer Path Loop (30km)
    Meeting Place: Island Park/Western Parkway Parking Lot 6pm
    Rating: EASY
  14. Thursday August 11th- Sprint Training (20km)
    Meeting Place: TJ Fit Studio 6pm
  15. Sunday August 28th- Low to Miss K's cottage (60km)
    Meeting Place: to be determined.
    Rating: EASY
  16. Saturday September 10th- Fitzroy Harbour Ride ( 80-100km)
    Meeting Place: Andrew Hayden Parking Lot 9am
    Rating: MODERATE
  17. Saturday September 24th- Merrickville (100km)
    Meeting Place: Tj Fit Studio 9am
    Rating: MODERATE
  18. Saturday October 1st- Fall Foliage Ride in Gatineaus (50km)
    Meeting Place: P8 near Chelsea 10am
  19. Saturday October 22nd- Grand Finale Ride, Gatineau loop ( 50km)
    Meeting Place: P8 near Chelsea 10am
    Lunch at Les Fougeres after the ride!

If you plan on coming to some of our "Challenging" rides, please make sure that you have been out riding on your bike before attempting these rides, otherwise, they won't be enjoyable and you could risk injuring yourself as well. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have if you are concerned.


  1. "Up the line Ride" Ottawa to Bristol Quebec ( 95-100km) June 25-26, 2011
  2. Cabot Trail 2011, Monday July 11-16th, 2011 This is a trip of a lifetime! Cabot Trail is rated one of the top 10 places to bike in the WORLD! It is spectacular and I can guarantee it will change your life! I promise you that I will coach you through this tough and challenging bike ride. We will train together for 3 months, and spend a fabulous week together exploring the trail and its beauty! Cost: $2260 per room, Taxes included. This price is based on double occupancy. This trip would include 5 nights accomodations. 4 days of guided cycling and 1 breakfast on Day 2. This does not include the training and cycling club fees, jersey, meals, transportation out there and entrance fees to the park. Training rides 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13 are all part of our training for the trail. If you miss a ride it is expected that you get out and do this ride on your own time.
  3. Finger Lake Trip- Friday July 15-17. 2011. This trip was a HUGE success last year. Karen and Liam took the TJ Fit Crew on a wonderful holiday weekend filled with great food, delicious wine and top notch food! Currently there are 10 rooms held for us and i will need a deposit of $50 to hold a room for you by April 22nd, 2011. This trip will involve a longer ride Saturday, with optional distances (80 or 45km) and a optional hike/bike on the Sunday. For those of you wishing to attempt the hilly terrain, training is a must. There are also great outlet malls for those of you that enjoy shopping. RATING: MODERATE TO CHALLENGING Cost: 760 including taxes for a King room and 700 including taxes for a Queen room. This includes 2 continental breakfasts. ( double occupancy)
  4. Manitoulin Island ( August 12-16) Rates and Details to be determined.
  5. Eastern Townships at The Morning Glory Inn in North Hatley Friday, October 14th - Sunday, October 16th, 2011 This fantastic weekend is for food lovers! The meals at this Inn are all homemade by the owners! The breakfasts are 3 courses and the gourmet dinner is 7 courses on Saturday night! The biking we do this weekend, simply tries to keep our "energy in= energy out" equation equal! The riding for this weekend is lovely and most of it is on stone dust paths, paved paths through the city of Sherbrooke, and paths through the woods. A hybrid or mountain bike is ideal for this trip, but many have used road bikes without too much trouble. It does depend on the conditions of the trail however. There are 3 optional distances of either 20km, 55km or a longer route of about 75-80km. Sunday is an optional riding day, run or a hike. There are only 5 rooms available.
    Cost: $734.50 taxes in for double occupancy. This trip includes the accomodations for the 2 nights, and the 2-3course breakfasts and the 7 course dinner on Saturday!
    100 deposit to hold the rooms. This trip books fast! RATING: MODERATE ( options will be available to make it harder or easier, after all it is your ride!)


This years jersey will be $113 and the shorts $90 (including taxes). Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in either or as I will be placing the order within the week.

Thanks again and Happy Cycling!!

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Keywords: Cycling

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