Best Medical Canada - Phantoms Compatible with MOSFETs

By: Thomson & Nielsen Electronics  09-12-2011

For MOSFET Dosimeters and Superimposed Film

"A film dosimetry system is not necessary as the film is used to verify the pattern of dose distribution relatively. With five dose points samples on the film and four dose points on an orthogonal plan, this QA procedure is adequate in theory and in practice." (Dr. Wu, University of Miami)

The XWU-IMRT Phantom (TN-RD-52) is ideal for obtaining quantitative dose measurements for film and MOSFET dosimetry. This 20 cm X 20 cm block phantom houses film and nine or more MOSFET dosimeters on two orthogonal planes. One of the planes, containing five MOSFET detection points, is the dividing plane of the two sub-phantoms where a film is housed. Five absolute MOSFET dose points on the plane of the film provide dose verification. Easy to use cassettes come with pre-manufactured slots for the dosimeters and allow for greater versatility.

This product was developed in association with Professor X. Wu, University of Miami, and is manufactured exclusively by Best Medical Canada.

IMRT Phantom manufacturers have created special grooves to accommodate the MOSFET dosimeters. MOSFETs provide precise quantitative dose measurements for IMRT QA.

  • Med Tec
  • Standard Imaging
  • CIRS
  • Phantom Lab
  • Sandstrom
  • 3D Line
  • Modus Med
  • Capintec

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High sensitivity dosimeters in standard bias have 3 mV/cGy, while high sensitivity dosimeters used in high bias will yield a nominal sensitivity of 9 mV/cGy. Fits down a 6Fr catheter for dose verification during HDR brachytherapy procedures. Dose verification during radiotherapy treatments.


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Best Medical Canada offers a custom designed Build-up Cap for use with MOSFET Dosimeters, which allows for depth dose measurements over a wide range of energies. Precise dose measurement verifies that the target volume area has been treated with the appropriate dose, while sparing surrounding tissue and organs. MOSFET dosimeters have only 0.8mm inherent build-up, which allows for flexibility in measuring surface dose as well as dose at Dmax.


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