By: Subex Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: Product Development

Subex Services delivers complete product lifecycle solutions as an extension of our client’s core R&D organization. By helping clients define innovative product features and functionality that satisfy evolving market demand, our solutions enable clients to launch compelling products ahead of their competition.

Subex Services engages with software companies through all product development phases, from requirement gathering to general availability:


Subex Services’ clients benefit from our exclusive focus on software design and development for ISVs. Our tested business processes improve software product quality, reduce risk, and accelerate the product development cycle. Our solutions help clients identify, analyze, customize and reuse software best practices for the highest quality development on the shortest development cycle. We leverage our software development process knowledge to enhance and innovate across all levels of the product lifecycle.

Subex Services manages non-core yet strategic product design and development efforts, while allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies: defining innovative product capabilities and features to gain competitive advantage.

Our product extension solutions include:
  • Porting
  • Integration
  • Internationalization

Porting exercises are those that involve porting a product or a product family from the platform on which it was originally developed to a new platform(s), or to a newer version of the platform with added features. We enable our clients to meet various challenges during the porting exercise, including:

  • Building the Unicode support in products
  • Correcting Byte-order dependencies
  • Conversion of ASCII/EBCDIC
  • Locating missing function interfaces, incorrect declarations in include files and incorrect permissions.

Increases the value of every product by providing out-of-the-box integration components to ensure the product can co-exist with other popular commercial software applications.

  • Clients rely on our expertise to address the following challenges:
  • Choosing the technology for the integration (ensuring a perfect technology-fit from an end-user's requirements perspective).
  • Choosing the platform(s) on which to make the integration components available.
  • Ensuring that the integration components facilitate easy configuration, customization and extension.
  • Building fail-safe integration components

Our team is experienced in managing globalization requirements that increase product reach and marketability:

  • Incorporating multi-lingual support
  • Providing support for features that cater to country-specific business rules.

Keywords: Product Development

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This includes “Content Management Integration” for Triple Play Service deployment scenario through integration of Video headend, middleware & consumption side devices to each other and with back-end systems such as Subscriber Management, Billing, Mediation & Conditional Access.



Such Data Source Integration is often an involved activity, traditionally requiring fresh custom code to be written each time there is a new element in the system, only to be abandoned the moment there is a system overhaul or a platform migration. In addition to efficient data storage, data access & data synchronization, very often there is a need for data transformati& data enrichment to suit application interoperability & up-gradation needs.



This, combined with our extensive domain expertise and experience in various technology domains, is uniquely positioned to help you extract maximum value from your custom application development and maintenance outsourcing and solutions. When packaged software does not adequately address your requirements, Custom Application Development can see through your business strategies to the end.



The requirements’ document forms the basis for all future design and specification work; in keeping with the same, our team carefully and thoroughly documents all project requirements, identifying potential risk areas and possible contingency plans.



With the background of supporting TIER 1 operator networks in North America, Subex is in a unique position to offer Network Support Services working closely with you across the life-cycle of your communication network to determine the optimum balance between your capabilities and our expertise.