Cosmetic Ingredient Line

By: Natunola  09-12-2011

Natunola Health Inc., a growing Canadian company, is quickly becoming a leading supplier of botanical ingredients to the cosmetic and health care industries.  Drawing on its vast experience in developing and manufacturing value-added, agricultural-based ingredients, Natunola is able to offer its customers unique natural alternatives to gasoline based ingredients which today's label smart consumers demand.  With its strengths in environmentally friendly and patented agri-processing technologies, Natunola looks to the future as it continues to expand on its cutting edge technologies and products.

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products are botanical emollients produced from a non-transgenically modified canola oil. Natunola's canola oil is high in oleic acid, low in linolenic acid and rich in vitamin E.   Superior to petroleum based emollients, such as petrolatum, has exceptional thermostability, a gel-like structure and has a less greasy texture.  

will allow you to provide nature's beauty to your customers.  Flaxseed extracts are often used in an array of cosmetic products due to the popular benefits of flax.  These skin moisturizers can compliment your formulas and address the demands of today's marketplace.  These unique ingredients are ideal in cosmetic formulations as skin conditioners, emollients, film formers, viscosity controlling and building agents for aqueous systems. 

are new vegetable based proteins that provide the same attributes to cosmetic, skin and hair care formulations as with other hydrolyzed proteins but with little to no odour.  These proteins provide moisture binding and conditioning properties to coat the skin epidermis or hair shaft, forming a barrier that protects against external pollutants and allergens while retaining natural oils and moisture.