ACES II Ballistic Powered Inertia Reel

By: H. Koch And Sons  09-12-2011
Keywords: Aircraft, air force, Aircraft Modifications


Koch’s ACES II ejection seat Ballistic Powered Inertia Reel (K‑ BPIR) is a torso restraint haul‑back device that, by means of a ballistic charge (gas generator), forcefully retracts a pilot firmly against his seat back during ejection.

It is designed as a direct replacement assembly for aircraft that use the ACES II ejection seat (i.e. A‑10, B‑1, B‑2 F‑15, F‑16, F‑22, and F‑117.) The K‑ BPIR has been demonstrated to require no seat or aircraft modifications for installation. K‑BPIR performance is well within the minimum specification requirements of MIL‑R‑ 8236 and has been demonstrated to be very repeatable.

This reel is fully supported by Koch to insure customer satisfaction and has a predicted ten‑year operational life.

Product Applications

The H. Koch & Sons Ballistic Powered Inertia Reel is designed to fit into the ACES II ejection seat installed in A‑10, B‑1, B‑2, F‑15, F‑16, F‑22 and F‑117 aircraft.

It is currently in the process of component Qualification by the US Air Force and Goodrich Corporation.

Product Features


Keywords: air force, Aircraft, Aircraft Modifications, Ejection Seat, Inertia Reel, Torso Restraint,

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