Chiropractic care

By: Evolation Chiropractic  26-03-2012
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We believe that healing starts from above down inside out (ADIO) and can only happen through an optimally functioning nervous system. We also believe that optimal function can only be restored through very specific, scientific, Chiropractic adjustments of the spine. Village Square Chiropractic provides cutting edge, scientifically based, spinal corrective care to allow your healing to begin and your life to be restored. To complement your healing, and total wellness, we support your Chiropractic care with a triad approach. We use an optimally functioning nervous system as your foundation for health and wellness, and we complete the process by implementing elite nutritional and fitness principles. At Village Square Chiropractic every adjustment, exercise, stress reduction technique, nutritional and lifestyle recommendation has a very specific predetermined purpose to achieve a desired result, which allows us to succeed where traditional methods often fail.

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