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By: Akps Global  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership

3 critical pillars of success:

Leadership, Vision and Performance


Leadership can come from within.

Everyone can be an effective leader.   A series of consious and unconsious choices in response to our cultural, social, educational and familial environments can eventually emerge as leadership behaviours.

akps global assists you in in creating successful leadership solutions and strategies by uncovering and enhancing leadership abilities within your organization.

A unique application of assessments, professional programming, partnerships, mentoring, and succession planning are components in our approach. Our tools include the Predictive Index and MBTI amongst others.

akps global designs and customizes curriculum to further the careers of Canadian and internationally-trained professionals through such programs as Strategic Decision-Making, Knowledge Continuity and Intercultural Leadership.

akps global works locally and internationally, with associations and institutions, to offer professional and certification programs in leadership and management consulting. We facilitate non profit and volunteer Boards to design and implement up-to-date and relevant governance.



Leadership without vision is management of things not people.

akps global facilitates visioning exercises with leadership teams and engages other employees in validating the vision and create excitement throughout the organization in its execution.

akpsglobal conducts workshops with boards and committees to enable them to move confidently towards success. Appreciative Inquiry, Edward deBono's Six Thinking Hats and Human Systems Dynamics theory, amongst other methodologies, guarantee strong participation and commitment of your organization to the process and results.


Vision without performance is failure to achieve results.

akps global works with you to ensure that vision, core values and strategy execution are clear and specific and there is alignment between organization and individual. Only then is the best individual and organizational performance possible.

akps global will design and deliver training, coaching and mentoring programs to support individual performance.

akps global will review policies and ensure they are culturally relevant as well as compliant with legislation. We will help you assess gaps in performance and ways in which to close those gaps.

Keywords: leadership