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By: Aerobiology Research Labs  09-12-2011

Retracting Sampling Heads

Our retracting sampling heads are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and spring-loaded to extend the sampling rods under centrifugal force during sampling and retract them for protection while the sampler is at rest. Fits "Type-I" rods.

Sampling Rods

Injection-molded clear plastic rods, 1.59mm x 1.59mm x 32mm. These "Type-I" rods have a small nub that can be used as a reference point to determine the collection side of the sampling rod. Rods are available ungreased in packages of 100, or pre-greased in larger quantities.
(Note - pre-greased rods require the purchase or supply of a storage tray for shipping)

Ungreased Rods - 100: $90.00
Pre-greased Rods - each: $1.20
Pre-greased Rods - 420:
(tray extra)

Sampling Rods Storage Tray

Machined from one-quarter-inch thick Lexan, these trays are durable, stackable, and hold up to 420 "Type-I" rods (12 rows by 35 columns)

(rods extra)

Sampling Rod Slide

Microscope slide used for mounting sampling rods for analysis, sometimes referred to as a microscope stage adaptor. This clear plastic slide is machined with two polished grooves so that up to two "Type-I" rods (1.59mm width) can be analyzed at a time. 76mm x 35mm x 3mm.

Calberla's Stain

An aqueous mountant containing Basic Fuschin, which colours pollen to aid in identification during microscopic analysis. 50mL bottle.

NOVAGARD G697 Silicone Compound

This silicone grease is highly recommended for use as the embedding medium on sampling rods. 5.3oz tube.

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