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By: Aerobiology Research Labs  09-12-2011

We sell reference slides of pollen and spores. These slides are an excellent training and educational tool; a must for learning to identify or study pollen or spores under a microscope.

Tree Pollen
Acer negundo Boxelder
palmatum Japanese maple
platanoides Norway maple
ginnala Amur maple
saccharinum Siver maple
pseudoplatanus Sycamore maple
saccharum Hard maple / Sugar maple
truncatum Shantung maple
x 'norwegian sunset' Norwegian Sunset maple
Alnus glutinosa Black alder / European alder
hirsuta Manchurian alder
incana European White alder
japonica Japanese alder
rugosa Speckled alder
viridis Green alder
Aesculus glabra Ohio buckeye
x 'carnea' Red horsechestnut
sylvatica Painted buckeye
Betula papyrifera Paper birch
pendula European white birch
pendula 'fastigiata' Columnar European birch
pendula 'purpurea' Purpleleaf birch
platyphylla 'whitespire' Whitespire Asian birch
populifolia Grey birch
saposhnikovii Saposhnikovii birch
utilis var. jacquemontii White-barked Himalayan birch
x 'crimson frost' Crimson frost birch
lenta Sweet birch
Corylus americana American hazel
avellana 'heterophylla' Cutleaf hazel
avellana 'contorta' Corkscrew hazel
cornuta Beaked hazel
Ostrya virginia Eastern hophornbeam
Carpinus caroliniana American hornbeam
Carya ovata Shagbark hickory
ovata 'Holden' Holdens Shagbark hickory
Cercis canadensis Eastern redbud, Judas-tree
Cercidiphyllum japonicum Katsura Tree
Fagus grandifolia American beech
Forsythia 'northern gold' Northern gold forsythia
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Green ash
Juglans ailantifolia Japonese walnut
cinerea Butternut / White walnut
stenocarpa Narrow Fruited walnut
nigra Black walnut
Larix decidua pendula Weeping European larch
kaempferi Japanese larch
sibirica Siberian larch
Crataegus champlainensis Champlain hawthorn
intriata Thicket hawthorn
pinnatifida Chinese hawthorn
surbmollis Quebec hawthorn
viridis 'Winter king' Winter King hawthorn
Malus domestica Dwarf McIntosh
domestica Red McIntosh
domestica Royal Brangam apple
baccata Siberian crabapple
ioensis Prairie crabapple
sieboldii var arborescens Toringo crabapple
'Makamik' Makamik crabapple
Prunus cerasifera 'nigra' Cherry plum
padus Mayday tree
padus 'purpurea' Purple Mayday tree
sagentii 'EZO sakura' Sargent cherry
triloba Flowering almond
virginiana Choke cherry
Pyrus calleryana 'chantcleer' Chantcleer pear
calleryana 'redspire' Redspire pear
Morus alba 'pendula' Weeping mulberry
alba White mulberry
Picea abies Norway spruce
asperata Dragon spruce
obuvata var. alpestris Alpine spruce
Pinus banksiana Jack Pine
rigida Pitch pine
Juniperus scopolorum Wichita Blue juniper
Populus x canadensis 'serotina' Black Italian poplar
nigra Black (Lombardy) poplar
deltoides Eastern cottonwood
nigra 'Nolestii' Nolest Black poplar
Quercus ellipsoidalis Northern Pin oak
gambelii Gambel's oak / Arizona oak / shin oak
macrocarpa Bur oak
palustris Pin oak, water oak, swamp oak
prinus Basket oak / Chestnut oak
robur English oak
rubra Red oak
velutina Black oak
coccinea Scarlet oak
imbricaria Shingle oak
Salix caprea 'pendula' Weeping pussy willow
cinereae Grey willow
eriocephala Diamond willow
fragilis Crack willow
pentandra Bay willow / Laural willow
x blanda 'Wisconsin' Wisconsin Weeping willow
x sepulcralis Golden Weeping willow
caprea Goat willow
caprea 'Kilmarnock' Weeping Goat willow
pendula Weeping willow
x 'Red Rocket' Red Rocket willow
Sorbus aucuparia European Mountain ash
Sambucus canadensis Sweet elderberry
canadensis 'Aurea' Golden elder
Amelanchier laevis Allergany serviceberry
Ginkgo biloba Maidenhair tree
Magnolia galaxy Galaxy magnolia
kobus American bull bay
stellata Star magnolia
Dirca palustris Eastern Leatherwood
Robinia pseudoacacia False acacia / Black locust
x slavinii 'hillieri' Compact pink locust
Staphylea trifolia American bladdernut
Syringia vulgaris Common Lilac
Celtis tournefortii Oriental hackberry
occidentalis Common hackberry
glabrata Caucasian hackberry
Ulmus cornuta Horned elm
x hollandica 'pioneer' Pioneer elm
wilsonii 'prospector' Prospector elm
glabra 'camperdownii' Camperdown elm
homestead Homestead elm
pumila 'Clipped Globe' Clipped Globe elm
Weeds, Grasses and Ferns
Lycopodium species Club Moss
Poaceae Graminea species Grass
Setaria glauca Yellow foxtail
viridis Green foxtail
Compositeae Ambrosia species Common (short) ragweed
Artemisia species Sagebrush
Euthamia graminifolia Narrow leafed goldenrod
Solidago canadensis Canadian goldenrod
nemoralis Old field goldenrod
rugosa Rough goldenrod
Asteraceae Arctium minus Common burdock
Sonchus arvensis Perennial sowthistle
Taraxacum officinale Dandelion
Xanthium strumarium Cocklebur / Clothur
Fabaceae Medicago sativa Alfalfa
Melilotus alba Sweet white clover
Trifolium pratense Red clover
repensis White clover
Apiaceae Daucus carota Wild carrot
Brassicaceae Erysimum cheiranthoides Wormseed mustard
Brassica kaber Wild mustard
Boraginaceae Echium vulgare Blueweed
Lythraceae Lythrum salicaria Purple loosestrife
Polygonaceae Rumex crispus Curled dock
Urtica angustifolia narrowleaf nettle
Rheum species Rhubarb
Scrophulariaceae Linaria vulgaris Toadflax
Verbascum thapsus L. Common mullein
Typhaceae Typha latifolia Broad-leaved Cattail
Plantaginaceae Plantago major Common plantain
landeolata Narrow leafed plantain
Last updated: 24 Sept. 2007

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