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By: Fulton Home Inspections  09-12-2011
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We offer a full range of services:

Standard Pre-Purchase Home Inspections:

We take pride pride in performing each inspection with professionalism, integrity, and quality.  It is our goal to deliver to you an outstanding customer experience, including making it easy for you to understand our services, your report, and the condition of the property you retained us to inspect.  Whether the home is new or old, residential or commercial we care about your needs as our client.   An honest, independent third party evaluation is what you expect and we deliver that with each inspection performed.  We help make difficult decisions easy! 

New Home Construction Inspections:

We are Southeastern Ontario’s leading firm for New Home Construction and TARION Warranty inspections.  Rely on our experience for Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), 30-Day, 1 Year and 2 Year new home inspections, and assisting you with the Warranty Claim submission process.  Our inspection process, knowledge, and detailed reports are designed to meet the unique needs of new home purchasers.

We supply you with a comprehensive, independent, and impartial examination of your home’s structure and systems integrity.  As recommended by most Real Estate Lawyers, the Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) is your last chance to discuss deficiencies with your builder prior to closing.

This inspection will:

  • Identify items that may require current or future attention.  These are items that you as a homeowner would not normally be expected to identify, as they may require specialized knowledge and expertise.
  • Document the nature and extent of construction, workmanship, or component defects.
  • Inform you about construction, operation, and maintenance elements of the home, and assist you in understanding the various components and systems in your home.
  • In addition to our comprehensive inspection, we provide you with the following.
  • Our detailed report typically 45-50 pages, describing the inspection process and findings.
  • A printed summary report of deficiencies, to assist in preparing warranty submissions.
  • Photos in jpg format taken in the course of the inspection.

As related to the Warranty Program service requests, information provided by the inspection report can be used as the basis for reporting defects to the builder and Tarion.  Our inspection report documents all observed defects as noted at the time of inspection.

Some builders have stated they will not allow home inspectors to attend.  It is an owner’s right to have a professional home inspector accompany them in order to protect their investment.  Many builders site insurance issues as a reason for not allowing visitors to their construction sites.  I hold and have completed the mandatory “Construction Fall Safety” course, required by builders for regular trades and site visitors. 

Should the builder refuse to allow you to have a professional home inspector attend, you should contact the Tarion Warranty Office and your lawyer.

Usefull Tarrion Links:

1-877-TARION (1-877-982-7466)     

Brookfield Relocation:

We are pleased to provide inspection services to Federal and Provincial Public Services, Canadian Forces, and RCMP personnel and families relocating to Southeastern Ontario under the Integrated Relocation Program (IRP).  We are an approved supplier to the IRP relocation services program as administered by Brookfield Relocation Services.

4-Phase New Home Construction Inspections:

Just because you’re purchasing a new home doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be built well.  High volume demands and a general lack of skilled labour have often made new home construction purchase somewhat of a risk.   New home construction has experienced so many problems of late that it prompted CBC Television to run the “Home Sweet Home” series on Canada Now.   The series was an eye opening exposure dedicated solely to the problems consumers face during, and after construction of their new home.


Many consumers rely on sources such as the Better Business Bureau, Tarion Warranty Program or the Ontario Home Builders Association for information and reassurance.  While these sources are often reliable, many times they don’t provide the total picture.  We suggest, that the cheapest and most reliable source of information on new home builders, are former clients.  Take time to inquire within the development.  It may be the best investment of your time that you’ve ever made.

So how does an experienced or inexperienced home buyer know if they are getting the house that they thought they bargained for?   The best way is to hire a professional to advise you of your home’s progress and quality issues.  If allowed by the builder, you will want to have a professional inspector check and assess the construction process as it progresses.

Remember, once the walls are up and covered with drywall, it is very difficult to determine if anything underneath is wrong.  Structural concerns along with wiring, plumbing, heating, cooling and insulation issues are virtually impossible to detect after installation of the drywall.


We will inspect the following while your home is being built.  

  1. Excavation, footings, foundation, weeping tiles, waterproofing, back filling
  2. Framing, roof trusses, sheathing, shingles
  3. Roughed-in plumbing, electrical, pre-wire, mechanical systems (heating and cooling), insulation, vapour barrier
  4. Warranty preoccupancy inspection (PDI)

The cost of this type of progressive service varies dependent on size and location of the home but a good rule of thumb is approximately $1.00/sq. ft.  Remember this service generally involves 6-8 site visitations, interim reporting after each phase and the final report package.  This cost should not be compared to a standard resale home inspection.  The cost of our 4-phase Construction Service is very reasonable when you consider the time involved in the process and the cost of your investment.

Our inspection process is designed and our reports are prepared to make it as easy as possible for you to prepare your Warranty Service Request.  We report conditions in a format that uses specific phrases and terms intended to clarify the nature and extent of warranty claim issues.

In preparing your inspection report, we rely on our extensive libraries of defect conditions that include statements reflecting current industry standards for new homes, including conditions described by Tarion’s Construction Guidelines.  The Tarion references, where appropriate, are included in the report claim items.

We believe our approach to assisting you with our inspection services, complaint to recognized industry standards for home inspections, as well as providing you with detailed reports at the conclusion of our inspection; will provide you assurance on the overall quality of your home.  Our objective is to provide you with information that is invaluable to you in preparing your Warranty Service Request.

NOTE:  Wayne Fulton is co-author of the Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada, Policies & Procedures Manual and Tarion Protocols for New Home Construction Inspections.

Pre-Listing Inspections:

The future of real estate is changing; this can already be seen in lager metropolitan areas (e.g. Toronto, Ottawa).  The traditional way of listing a property and having a home inspection completed by the buyer is rapidly changing to seller pre-listing inspections.  This now makes up app. 60% of all inspections completed in these areas and may be well worth looking into.  Keep in mind, a Pre-listing inspection is only as good as the inspectors credentials and reputation, shop wisely!

Commercial Inspections:

Let us assist you in your investment for small commercial, stripmall, and multi-unit appartment properties.  We perform commercial inspections in general accordance with the internationally recognized ASTM E 2018 Property Condition Assessments standards, specifically ASTM Standard E 2018.  The results of the Property Condition Assessment are reported in the form of a Property Condition Report (PCR).  This report includes information obtained from the PCA, as well as opinions on probable cost and recommendations for remedy of observed deficiencies.

In general, our clients include investors and purchasers of commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residence properties.  The inerset of these clients is to conduct a Propertry Assessment in consideration of pre-purchase decisions, to gain information of a property condition they currently own, or to assist in decisions related to property improvement compliance.

A full commercial property inspection includes review of the following property elements:

  • Site Characteristics (Paving, Landscaping, and Utilities)
  • Structural Frame and Building Envelope
  • Roof Surface Area
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Air Condition and Ventilation Systems
  • Vertical Transportation
  • Life Safety and Fire Protection
  • Interior Elements
  • Document Review
  • Opinions  of Probable Costs
  • Recommendation

The Information You Need, The Peace of Mind You Deserve 

Serving Southeastern Ontario



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Keywords: Home inspector, Home Inspectors

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