Reiki, Hot Stone Reiki Therapy

By: Inner Spark Wellness   01-02-2012
Keywords: Reiki, wellness, Naturotherapy

Step into Wellness and start living a balanced and
Holistic way of life. Give your mind, body and spirit
relief from the stress of daily life. Hot Stone Reiki
Therapy is the perfect way to alleviate these stresses
and bring your body back to health and wellness on
all levels.
Hot Stone
A deeply relaxing treatment combining holistic
massage with the use of water-heated smooth
basalt stones. The stones do the work in this noninvasive
treatment which promotes the
oxygenation of every cell in the body and the
uptake of nutrients while increasing lymphatic
flow and eliminating toxins.

Cost: $90.00 for 70 minutes
Hot Stone Reiki Therapy and Meditation
Lasting approximately 2, we start with a 20
minute body scan, move to a simple breathing
meditation approximately 20 minutes in length
and follow up with the Hot Stone Reiki Therapy.
This is a wonderful way to do a guided meditation
getting the body ready mentally, physically and
spiritually for the Hot Stone Reiki treatment.
Cost: $140.00
A non-invasive healing technique which helps to
balance the body's energy, Reiki works on the
mind, body and the spirit to promote the release
of blocked energy. Reiki is a very gentle energy
... there is no pressure making it a good
treatment for anyone and particularly for those
people recovering from surgery.
Reiki complements conventional medicine as well
as alternative and natural medical procedures. It
helps to promote personal change and accelerate
physical healing.

Cost: $75.00 for 60 minutes
$45.00 for 30 minutes
Hot Stone Reiki Therapy
When used in conjunction with one another, you
get the full effects of both treatments. This leaves
you feeling deeply relaxed, content as well as
refreshed and rejuvenated. Each experience is
unique to the individual.
Cost: $110.00 full treatment
$ 65.00 back only
Other Services

Ear Candling: approximately 40 minutes
Cost: $25.00

Spiritual Readings
Cost: $60.00 for 60 minutes

Keywords: Naturotherapy, Reiki, wellness