By:  30-01-2011
Keywords: Counselling, Coaching, depression

- My clients require clarity and understanding of themselves in order to find peace in an area causing high anxiety.I believe each person is taught to view the world in a certain way adapted from their family of origin. I help them see the world in alternative ways. Ways that provide a sense of relief and hope to new possibilities and a more grounded approach to life.

-Receive life mantras free of charge every 2 weeks. I need your email address.
-You can also sit in your own home and do Skype. You just need a webcam,set up an appointment and go to my website and pay $60.00 to Paypal or email $60.00 to my bank for a one hour session.
-I also facilitate a group on "Effective Life Functioning". It is $25.00 for a 2 hour session per person.

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