Fluent Media - content management systems

By: Fluent Media  09-12-2011

This gives near-complete control/responsibility of maintaining and growing your website in your hands. Couple FluentTemplate, a multi-language navigation/page generation system with FluentContent, our Visual content editor and you have a one-two punch to do it all yourself.

Web, with Benefits

By going the Do-It-Yourself route, you are able to manage your site yourself, update pages, add new photos, launch new pages, on your own timeline.

FluentTemplate is modular, building blocks per-say. You can integrate a shopping-cart, photo gallery, discussion forums and any other components you need to successfully grow your business.

How do I do it?

Available in single language and multi-language formats, FluentTemplate is a near turn-key system for any website.

Single Language
Features a dynamically-generated navigation menu and site map, pro-active contact form tracking and is easy to manage for site updates.

Same as above, only allows for multiple languages. Easy switching on the fly between available languages, test resizing and print-view for ease-of-reading and reporting. Expandable to 10 languages.

Combine either of these with FluentContent, our dynamic WYSIWYG site manager. FluentContent allows you to create pages on the fly, add and change their location on the server without having to touch any HTML or server code.

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Customers are increasingly using the internet to make informed choices before going into a dealership. Car Alley is a web-based template allowing your business to maximize your vehicle sales.


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Selling your product online via an e-commerce solution like a shopping cart will help your business over that slow period. Your bricks and mortar business is suseptible to your localized market trends. Do you have periods in the year where business is slower than others.


Fluent Media - non-profit organizations

Fluent Media also donates time and resources in helping a limited number of groups per year. We offer discounts for web development and are always glad to lend a hand in the community.


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The new Open House module gives you the ability to schedule open house showings on your site with linkage to that listings details and a Google Map so buyers can plot a whole tour. The software has been optimised for search engine submission allowing for your listings to get indexed in the top search engines and increasing your listings exposure.


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Fluent Media has assisted companies in exceeding their revenue and traffic goals for their web presence, by using up-to-date best practices, targeted Search Engine Optimization and effective graphic-design. Is it a specific niche-market you want to target, or do you want to take on the world. Fluent Media can help guide you to what solutions will work for your business.


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Is it a specific niche-market you want to target, or do you want to take on the world. Fluent Media can help guide you to what solutions will work for your business. The traffic from those ads will dictate if you are getting value for money. How will you get people to choose your site over your competitors.


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House Hunter combines image gallery, database and presentation all into the ideal searchable tool for realtors, realty offices and brokerage firms to advertise their listings. A picture is worth a thousand words and with Car Alley, used and new car dealers can offer hundreds of thousands of words to describe what's on their lot. Handle multiple listings, multiple sales agents, brokers, or customize for a single agent.