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By: Trillium Health Resources  09-12-2011

Mesolis is a totally new concept of products designed to rehydrate the skin, inspired by the › mesotherapy. The Mesolis gels have been developed from components that are naturally part of the body. Thus they are perfectly safe for your skin and health.

As to diagnosing the dehydrated, lustreless skin that has lost its elasticity…the Mesolis products have from the beginning offered results that are more than satisfactory : the sensation of regaining both elasticity and firmness to the skin is simply incredible..  The Mesolis concept is developed around two products: Mesolis and Mesolis +. Thus everybody can benefit from a gel holding the concentration adapted to the particular needs of the skin, for perfect results irrespective of which parts are treated : face, neck, décolletage or hands. 

Stay young and beautiful - Naturally Hydration, the key process for a younger skin.

Your skin is ageing

Depending on temperature changes and pollution, exposed to the radiation of the sun, the result of bad treatment inflicted by tobacco, hormonal variation, influenced by the normal effect of ageing… your skin gets older as time goes by. Your face, your neck, your hands… get dryer, lustreless and become eventually a ground for wrinkles and puckers.

The solution: better hydration

The hydration of your skin is one of the essential grounds for well-being and beauty. A number of creams and other products for external use are frequently advertised; but the results don't last long and are often little striking. The Mesolis products admit the skin to hydrate at depth and thus to benefit from lasting effects in terms of rejuvenation of the face and of the body.

Thanks to Mesolis your skin, nourished and repaired recovers its radiation and elasticity. Thus you will regain the lustre of your young skin…

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