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By: Avega  09-12-2011
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Whether from next door, or from around the globe, it should be easy for customers, suppliers and partners to reach you. That is what differentiates you from the competition. With telecommunications forming the basis of your communications infrastructure, you want to ensure that you are receiving the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance. We partner with Allstream and similar Telecom companies to ensure that we provide a comprehensive range of feature rich Local, Long Distance, Toll-Free and Management Tools.

Avega puts the solution together that ensures your people can connect with your customers at affordable service rates. Picking up the phone and hearing a dial tone is usually taken for granted. But when your business depends on it, you have to ensure that you are getting the service, reliability and diversity your business demands.

Avega can deliver the Local Service with the quality and flexibility that your need. Whether it is two-way calling, convenient access to emergency services such as 911 and Local Operator Service, Voice Messaging, Toll-Free, Long Distance or Calling Card services, Avega helps brings it all to your fingertips.

Business Line Service -Unlimited two-way access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Offering the highest level of quality and reliability, our MTS Allstream services can provide Business Line Service that ensures you receive consistent connections with your customers.

ISDN PRI Service (Full and Partial) -Built on a digital T1 access and up to 23 Public Switched Telephone Network connections (PSTN’s), PRI technology allows you to effectively manage the diversity of your business including computer telephony, high speed file transfers, data backup, and videoconferencing with faster connections and clearer signals.  PRI also allows you to  provide your clients with increased customer service, or redeploy your reception to more valuable duties by using the optional Direct Inward Dial numbers(DID)

IP Trunking – Leverage the IP connectivity to gain access to the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN) bypassing traditional tdm accesses. As an Allstream MPLS, use the  IP trunking option to realize reduced network infrastructure costs, greater business flexibility and higher return on investment in the IP infrastructure.

• Long Distance

Business is no longer confined to geographic boundaries. You have customers and business partners all over the globe. As a result, you need a cost-effective and reliable way to reach them.We can provide our clients with Long Distance Service that includes domestic and international Long Distance Service, Calling Cards, Account Codes, flexible billing options, Virtual Private Networks and reporting functions. It’s the flexibility you need supported by the quality you demand to keep you in touch with your customers, wherever they are.

Business Long Distance Service - Feature-rich solutions, including a variety of dial plans, to save you money, simplify billing, and give you greater control over calling options.
Calling Card Service - Enabling you to quickly and easily communicate with customers, suppliers, and business partners from anywhere in Canada, the United States, and more than 100 locations worldwide.
Account Codes – Allow you to track calls according to business specific classifications including employee number, employee name, client name, and project number. We offer both Verified and Non-Verified
Billing Reporting – Allstream’s Telemanger service facilitates the collection of vital data for the analysis of your incoming and outgoing long distance and toll-free calls with the goal of optimizing your voice and data service configurations. Reports are made available on-line for ease of access and data analysis.

• Toll Free

How your customers perceive your communications efficiency helps shape their decisions about doing business with you. Making it easy for them to reach you, interact with you and receive service from you are the foundations of a successful relationship. Advanced Toll-Free Routing Features, Announcements, Business Continuity and Detailed Call Reporting help you to manage your operations more effectively.MTS Allstream Toll-Free Service also allows you to create the impression of local presence in more than 75 countries worldwide. Regardless of location, customers can call your Toll-Free number and be instantly and seamlessly connected to your Contact Centre.

Whether your objective is to use Toll-Free Service for international customer service, technical support, fax, data transmission, Internet access or calling Canada while traveling internationally, Avega can design the solution that keeps connected to your customers — providing the levels of service they expect and demand.

Toll free service and options include:

International Toll-Free Service extends the boundaries of your business beyond Canada and the United States by providing ease of access to customers and suppliers in more than 75 countries worldwide.
Announcements Features provide the tools you need to incorporate generic or customized messages to direct your callers to the appropriate agent or location.
Call Routing and Redirection Features enable you to establish and easily apply customized call routing plans to maximize your Contact Centre and Toll-Free investments.
Transfer Connect Features allow you to simplify the customer calling process by enabling callers to reach a variety of destinations with one phone call. Domestic Toll-Free Service provides seamless connections with your customers for service, sales, and support.
International Toll-Free Service extends the boundaries of your business beyond Canada and the United States by providing ease of access to customers and suppliers in more than 75 countries worldwide.
Intelligent Call Processing enables you to dynamically route calls based on agent availability, specific routing arrangements, caller attributes, geographic locations, and specific business functions.
Business Continuity Servicesprovide the expertise to help you define critical business fuctions, assess your risks in the event of an interruption, and plan for additional capacity on demand.

Keywords: Ip Trunking

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