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By: Avega  09-12-2011


You need the benefits of Unified Communications or IP phone system, but do not have the time or IT or Telecom resources to own your own hardware premised based solutions. You would also rather spend capital on expanding and growing your core business rather than technology that becomes obsolete. Your business may be small, but wants to leverage the same technology to maximize your own resources.

Hosted PBX Service is a feature-rich, hosted and managed integrated voice and data business communications service that makes businesses more productive and saves money. Our Hosted Phone System is run over a privately managed, secure data network; not the Internet. Since it runs exclusively over the Allstream private network you’ll enjoy business-grade service and the same voice quality to which your business is accustomed.

Hosted PBX offers all the services and functionality of a traditional business phone system – plus advanced features and web-based tools. Hosted PBX Service starts by giving each user their own Direct Inward Dial telephone number enabled with all the traditional phone features which you’d expect of a business communications tool. From there, we’ve added advanced capabilities to make you more productive. Advanced Features include:

  • Find Me: List a single number and calls can be routed to several phone numbers based on your preferences. Find Me lets you set different call treatments for different callers, ensuring critical calls are never missed.
  • One Voice Mailbox: With Find Me, you can publish one business phone number and the service will ring on any phone number you choose, with calls terminating in the same voice mailbox if the call is not answered.
  • Visual Voice Mail: View your voice mail and listen to messages through the end-user portal. You can also forward your voice mails to any e-mail address, allowing you to manage your voices messages just like e-mails.
  • Call Logs: View your latest missed, incoming, and outgoing calls. Just like a mobile phone, call logs make it easy for you to see who has called, then choose which calls to return first.
  • Moves, Adds, and Changes: The online administration portal makes it easy to set up new users, restrict features, and change settings

Hosted Phone System offers unparalleled control over your businesses communication’s through a browser based web portal. You no longer need to rely on bulky manuals to change features or move extensions, just log in and make the change.

In addition Hosted PBX offers the following benefits:

  • Enables predictable communications expenses
  • Eliminates service order delays and costs by enabling self-managed instantaneous move/add/changes (MACs). Eliminates the need to manage a complex PBX or key system
  • Add additional users without new wiring or expensive chassis upgrades Move users between offices by simply moving their phone (and they can keep their numbers)
  • Let people work from home or on-the-road with the same capabilities that they have while in the office
  • Reroutes inbound calls in the event of a wire cut, power outage or catastrophe
  • Eliminates the need to manage a complex PBX or key system
  • 7x24x365 professional network management

We would love to show you all the ways Hosted Phone System can benefit you and your business. Please give us a call, and we would be happy to send you a proposal based on your needs.

Plus, if you act now, Hosted Phone System is 25% off the normal monthly rate.Based on current promotional pricing get Full Service Hosted Phone service for as low as $33.50 Month – hardware included! You even get High Speed Business ADSL free for 6 months! CALL US NOW AT 1-866-342-8342

As an Allstream Alliance Partner, Avega delivers the Allstream’s IP Telephony solutions that allow companies to realize financial and business benefits from integrated voice, data and video communications. As a result, you’re better positioned to enable workforce mobility, offer enhanced collaboration tools and further strengthen your customer relationships.

Coupled with our suite of professional services, including strategy planning, network and security assessments, business case analysis, detailed engineering design and complete migration services, Allstream solutions ensure a cost-effective, secure and seamless transition to your new environment.

With IP Telephony, you gain the ability to converge your voice, data and multimedia environments. This enables you to:

  • Reduce infrastructure and communications costs, streamline network management and improve operational efficiencies
  • Achieve higher levels of employee productivity with business applications such as unified messaging, presence, file sharing, collaboration and audio/video conferencing
  • Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving responsiveness, accelerating time to market and delivering a consistent customer experience across all your channels
  • Respond quickly to changing business needs, such as expanding your office, enabling mobility and remote working and enhancing disaster recovery

By combining IP Telephony solutions with Allstream IP Networking and IP Trunking services you can realize even higher return on investment in your IP infrastructure.

To ensure your IP Telephony solutions meet your goals, timeframe and budget, we arrange an Allstream assessment of your environment and advise you on the strategy that’s right for your business.

Allstream has the depth of resources and partner status to offer solutions based on Cisco, Mitel and Nortel/Ayava. Allstream will provide the right solution for your business and not one based on what they have to sell. Solutions are offered with a phased approach into IP communications. This means we can help you reap the benefits of IP communications while protecting your investment in your existing equipment.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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