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By: Avega  09-12-2011

Internet Services | Avega Inc.

Information is critical. Sometimes it needs to be shared – but only with the right people. Your business also needs access to the outside business world and resources through reliable internet connections.  By leveraging Allstream’s full suite of Internet services, Avega can find you the right service to best access and share data between your people, resources  and  locations.

• Fixed Dedicated Access

ADSL Broad Band Access – ADSL Internet provides low cost, high bandwidth access to ensure consistent communication with partners, suppliers and most importantly, customers. We harness our partnerships to deliver a choice of ADSL options to suit your business requirements and budget– gaining enough power to support basic Internet functions like e-mail and browsing without the complexity required by sophisticated Internet applications.T1 Internet Access – If you need to connect your Local Area Network to the Internet, T1 Internet provides the perfect combination of speed and reliability. Offered as fractional, full or 3Mbps dual T1, you can connect your employees for e-mail and browsing or connect corporate mail and Web servers to the Internet. This highly reliable solution provides you with the bandwidth you need to run mission-critical Internet applications in-house.E10/E100 Ethernet Access – E10 and E100 Internet enables you to support business-critical, bandwidth intensive applications driving key functions including customer care, process efficiency and partner collaboration. Depending on your budget, you can choose between fixed rate and usage-based options. If you need to anticipate costs and require a high, sustained rate of data transfer per month, then fixed rate ( from 3-100 Mbps) is the right option for you. If your usage fluctuates, then choosing usage-based allows you to be charged according to actual usage on a monthly basis. With E10 and E100 Internet, you can access the bandwidth you need while managing costs.

• Fixed Wireless

Speeds as fast as DSL, where DSL is not available. Through our partnership with Terago Networks, we deliver Fixed Wireless Service throughout major Canadian centres with Download and Upload Speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps to blistering speeds of over 100 Mbps. All our wireless High Speed Internet services are scalable so you can easily boost your speed and capacity based on the growing needs of your business.If internet access is critical to your business, Wireless access serves an ideal backup to your existing service. With burst-able or dedicated and symmetrical speeds of up to 500 Mbps, Terago has a full array of solutions that can meet the communications challenges of any business.

• Shared Hosting

Let Avega helps deliver your business to the World Wide Web. No matter what size your business, Avega has the partners needed to provide high performance world class networks and state-of-the-art Internet data centres to help ensure your business stays connected.Your website will be accessible through an address of your choice ( (many other extensions including .ca, .net, and .org are available).Avega delivers solutions, based on fast servers, reliable technology, comprehensive features, and low prices are the choices of organizations worldwide. Technical support is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Partners have made investment in high-capacity and industrial strength equipment. With multiple redundant backbone connections, and full BGP routing for best-path selection, your web site will always be fast and available to your site visitors.

Platforms consist of:

  • A gigabit-Ethernet network for massive data throughput
  • High-performance, redundant firewalls with automatic failover
  • High-performance, redundant load balancers with automatic failover
  • Scalable, highly-reliable back-end file servers for storing customer data with regular data “snapshots” and tape backups
  • Distributed, load-balanced web and application servers – (separate) for CGI, ASP, Coldfusion, JSP
  • Separate database servers for mySQL and MS-SQL
  • Separate servers for FTP/ssh access

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Solutions | Avega Inc

We take the time to understand your business and review your current telecom environment and processes on your behalf to ensure you get the best solution – for cost saving and improved efficiency. At Avega, we believe you benefit most from focusing on your core business, not spending time analyzing or managing technology, suppliers or integrating communication solutions.


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As a result, you need a cost-effective and reliable way to reach them.We can provide our clients with Long Distance Service that includes domestic and international Long Distance Service, Calling Cards, Account Codes, flexible billing options, Virtual Private Networks and reporting functions.


Data Solutions | Avega Inc

Connect multiple locations within a city or across the country with high security and low end-to-end latency.Scalable standard bandwidth options range from 56Kbps up to high speed Dedicated connections from 56KBPS to 45Mbps to connection locations within the city or around the globe.


Unified Communications | Avega Inc

As an Allstream Alliance Partner, Avega delivers the Allstream’s IP Telephony solutions that allow companies to realize financial and business benefits from integrated voice, data and video communications. Hosted PBX Service starts by giving each user their own Direct Inward Dial telephone number enabled with all the traditional phone features which you’d expect of a business communications tool.


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Dedicated operators will greet and screen up to 3,000 participants at the start of your investor meetings, product seminars, focus groups and press conferences.You can count on your Event Manager to handle all your requested services before, during and after your meeting.