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By: Avega  09-12-2011
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Data is the lifeblood of any business, acting as the foundation for every strategic decision you make. Using our solid partnership network, we provide the expertise, national presence and global connectivity to keep your data moving – quickly, securely and reliably. Whether it is via an Allstream national private data network or scalable interconnectivity, Avega can deliver the right data and or internet solution to meet your business needs. We focus on dedicated connectivity and reliable data transport so you can focus on enhancing productivity, improving organizational efficiency and strengthening competitive advantage.


Customer networks are supporting increasingly complex and performance-sensitive traffic to accommodate changing business priorities. With an increase in business-critical, multimedia and real-time applications and an expanding volume of corporate and regional activity across Intranets, businesses are looking for greater performance, flexibility and security in their corporate networks.


(Multi Protocol Label Switching) is a technology for packet forwarding in network routers. MPLS was developed to provide faster packet forwarding than traditional IP routing and is the preferred way design private VPN services with end-to-end Quality of Service(QoS). Allstream’s MPLS offering- Business IP- provides that higher level of connectivity without the corresponding increases in cost and complexity.Avega’s advisors can help design an Allstream Business IP (MPLS) Solution that combines the flexibility and intelligence of IP routing with the transport quality of a single high performance network delivering optimum reliability. With Business IP Service, our clients can implement a secure transport environment for a closed user group over a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, extending the reach of their existing enterprise network and enhancing their ability to interconnect new locations simply and efficiently.

Allstream Network Performance Reporting enables you to view the key performance indicators that show how your IP network is functioning. Provided are operational reports on classic service level metrics such as throughput, latency, jitter and packet loss. Management reports give insight to how well prioritized traffic is delivered in a converged solution and what is the expected quality of VOIP solutions over data paths.

Allstream hosts this value added service through a 24hr secure web interface and saves you the capital expense of purchasing and deploying similar applications that require significant financial and human resources to administer. This feature set provides a common set of tools to discuss network sizing and performance.

  • Incorporate business-critical IP applications into your existing Allstream Frame Relay or ATM network by enabling a single network combining the performance of Quality of Service (QoS) with any-to-any connectivity
  • Dynamic Class of Service (CoS) accommodates your many diverse applications over a single infrastructure allowing you to prioritize and support business-critical traffic, real-time voice and multimedia applications
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology simplifies and streamlines IP addressing to optimize your data network without the use of authentication, encryption or tunneling protocols
  • Build on your IP-enabled network by minimizing the need to purchase multiple Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs) at each location
  • Implement the same levels of security and privacy of traditional Frame Relay and ATM services, with the ubiquity of IP
  • Realize manageable and predictable performance for mission-critical and real-time applications

• Switched Ethernet

Service Features
  • Any-to-any configurations enable peer-to-peer network computing for customer applications
  • Send data anywhere in Canada, without worrying about additional distance charges
  • A single Ethernet infrastructure with a fully redundant core Ethernet network
  • Connectivity between two or more local area networks in point to point, point to multipoint and multipoint to multipoint configurations
  • Bandwidth capacity ranging from 1 – 1000Mbps

• Private Line and WaveLength Service

Private Line Service delivers dedicated connectivity for bandwidth intensive applications requiring real time transport of voice, data and video. High capacity, dedicated connectivity enables businesses to consolidate all of their time-sensitive applications over a common infrastructure. Connect multiple locations within a city or across the country with high security and low end-to-end latency.Scalable standard bandwidth options range from 56Kbps up to high speed Dedicated connections from 56KBPS to 45Mbps (DS-3) to connection locations within the city or around the globe.

Need more Bandwidth- ask about MTS Allstream’s new WAVE LENGTH network solution. As one of Canada’s first service guaranteed optical wavelength solutions, this service lets you transport data at the speed of light along fibre optic cables that carry up to 64 concurrent wavelengths of digital information on a single strand of fibre.

Relying on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), this solution transports up to 10 Gigabits of data per second per wavelength – a speed that is potentially 10,000 faster than the bandwidth commonly available today.

Allstream offers a range of optical wavelength services to meet the ever growing requirements of enterprise customers.

• International Networking

With a global presence, the need for immediate, secure and reliable data communications is even more critical. You have employees in offices spanning the globe that must access corporate data to contribute effectively to business results. But you’re struggling with network complexities, poor performance and management issues that stem from working with multiple providers in multiple geographic locations. Avega’s Allstream International Data solutions offer seamless global data network connectivity in more than 50 countries worldwide, with a single point of contact for all sales, account and customer service requirements. Working with one experienced provider helps mitigate risk by facilitating greater control over your data capabilities.

  • A single high performance, global network that support diverse communications activities including data, image and real-time voice and video
  • Single Point of Contact for all purchasing, implementation, contract, billing, account, customer service and issue resolution requirements
  • Access speeds and port options range from 64Kbps up to OC-3 with PVCs available in fixed increments from 4Kbps up to 135Mbps
  • Evolve your network foundation from Frame Relay to MPLS connectivity options to Allstream’s Business IP Service
  • Extend your network from Canada and the U.S. to more than 50 global destinations via point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity
  • Support applications seamlessly across your entire global network, without confronting the service limitations that can result from working with multiple regional providers.

• Wavelength

Coming Soon.

Keywords: Mpls

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