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By: Zaviation  09-12-2011
Keywords: engine, Fluid Handling, Fluid Dispensing Systems

Designed and backed by airline industry technical experts and with over 10 years of flight line use the FLIGHTMASTER® Fluid Dispensing Systems safely store, transport and dispense engine oil, hydraulic fluids or other service fluids.

FLIGHTMASTER® Fluid Dispensing Systems significantly reduces fluid contamination and protects the environment from fluid spills. 

Fluid transfer is contained using the FLIGHTMASTER® Fluid Dispensing “Closed System” with a quick disconnect fill port upgrade, air drying filter and unique venting system.

FLIGHTMASTER® Fluid Dispensing Systems are portable, easy to use, economical and durable.

Fully tested, the competitively priced FLIGHTMASTER® Fluid Dispensing Systems require little maintenance, ensuring years of dependable service.

When a large number of vehicles are in use and require servicing, our engineers can work with clients to design custom made fluid change systems that can be retrofitted into existing maintenance facilities, built as an addition, or as a stand alone facility.

The above schematic represents an example of a custom designed fluid change system for ground fleet operations.  With such a system installed, vehicles can be serviced quickly, easily and efficiently, thereby reducing overall maintenance costs by reducing man-hours required to perform fluid change services, reducing or eliminating spillage and reducing risks to workers required to work with such fluids.

In the schematic drawing above, the system is designed to change a single fluid such as oil.  There are two lines running from the service area to storage tanks, in this case, 55 gallon drums.  One drum is for storing the old oil removed from the engine for later disposal.  The other drum contains the new oil to be dispensed into the engine. The entire system is a closed containment fluid change system that reduces and or eliminates spillage, thereby reducing the costs associated with lost oil.

Additionally, the system can be fully automated by providing a power source to force old fluid from the engine into the storage drum and sending the new oil into the engine from the opposite drum.  The process would be completed by a member of the service team connecting the color-coded outflow line coupler with the pre-installed coupler plug on the engine block where the old oil can be extracted.  With the push of a button, the old oil is extracted and sent to the storage drum.

The outflow line is then disconnected and the inflow line is connected in the same manner.  Again, with the push of a button, the precise amount of new oil is dispensed into the engine.  The entire process of fluid change can be completed in just a few minutes.

By adding additional lines and fluid handling facilities, systems can be designed to provide fluid changing for all fluids including oil, transmission, radiator, windshield washer or hydraulic.

Keywords: engine, Fluid Dispensing Systems, Fluid Handling,

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