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By: Xtcc  09-12-2011
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We at XTCC install, repair and maintain ESPAR and WEBASTO auxiliary heaters, and we sell and service auxiliary generator sets. We also specialize in the repair and maintenance of mobile commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We have now introduced Reefer Van and Kingtec to our product line!

For your truck we have independent diesel and gasoline heating reliability and comfort in 12 and 24 volts, engineered for long life. All of the heaters we install have programmable timers to keep your life as simple and comfortable as possible!

If you are in the market for standby GENSETS and INDUSTRIAL ENGINES XTCC will install them on your truck and ensure start ability and reduce exhaust smoke. We are thinking of the environment afterall!

Cargo heat has become one of the most important ad-ons for big rigs as so much merchandise in North America needs to be heated. We can install cargo heat in trailers, tankers, straight backs and cube vans.

Don’t forget, we are sprinter specialists in Engine Pre-Heat and Interior Bunk Heat.


Generator cells from XTCC are for men and women who are long distance haulers, who cook and sleep in their trucks.

Truck drivers stop where they are all good books and their 10th hour so they typically are staying on the side of the road or wherever they can find open space at the end of the 10th hour. This means in the summer they need air conditioning and in the winter they need heat. All year long they want to cook, watch TV, use their laptops, charge their batteries for mobile devices.

A solution for that is an APU auxiliary power unit. This is a small two cylinder engine which can also be three cylinders that are a 110 volt generator. These are mounted on the Iframe rail they weigh in at approximately 400 pounds. They are 22 inches across 19 inches deep 24 just tall. This system is built into the bunk and the cap and the engine so that they can preheat the diesel and it kinda cool the sleeper in the summer or on a layover while they’re waiting between loads in the southern states and especially Mexico. This system also provides heat in the wintertime to stay warm in the same layover situations. Provides 110 volt power so that microwaves, computers and most devices you use of home can be plugged in without special adapters. It also charge that the batteries with 45 amp 12 volt DC automotive type alternator. This is a solution for all 365 days of the year.

There are many different models out there and we repair and maintain them all. We sell RIG master. Which is eight Canadian made products. We will install it and maintain it. XTCC are the go-to guys for the repair of all Brands a generators in southern ontario!


Owning your truck is expensive and the fines for idling in a NO-Idling zone are expensive and chip away at your profits. Shutting off your truck in the summer means you have no air conditioning and we know a cool summer breeze at night isn’t very common. 43 states now have anti-idling laws and a lot of those are in south. California and Texas are very strict adhearers to these laws and they are both very hot places. Auxiliary power units are are exactly what you need in your truck to make your life on the road as comfortable as possible. BUT when they stop working you have to call XTCC to get them back and running smoothly. (GEL SET STARTING) 3200 BTU to 10,000 BTU.

When you come to XTCC to install these systems we will also work with you to determine the most suitable system for your truck and for you based on your commons routes and also personal uses.

An example of this would be an East-West Canada only driver would do well with the 3200 BTU battery powered air conditioner, however when a driver who transports goods between Houston and Los Angelos in the south would require between 6000 and 10,000 BTU’s.

There can be as few as two batteries in this unit and as many as four.  Since these run your air conditioner you can shut your truck off and never risk another fine again.

If your batteries run out that is no problem because your alternator is going to charge them right back up as soon as you’re back on the road.

The generator we install on your truck will create 110 whole hour for household appliances, will charge batteries, preheat cert diesel engine, makes air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. It’s one very powerful tool.

Espar Heater Systems | Cab Pre Heat | Engine Pre Heat | No Electrical Plug-ins Needed | AIRTRONIC D4 | D5LC | HYDRONIC Water Heaters | Independent Coolant Systems | Eliminate cold engine starts | Reduce idling fuel cost | Engine and fluid pre-heating | Cab and compartment heating | Reduce diesel exhaust emissions | Minimize disel exhaust emission | Defrosted windows | Crew shelter | Automatic altitude adjustment | CARB approved / EPA verified | AIRTRONIC D2 and D5 Series | HYDRONIC MI & L Series
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Keywords: engine, Heaters, Truck

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