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By: Whatcorp  09-12-2011
Keywords: Drawings, Engineering Company, Tracking Systems

Streamline your workflow

We write Business Software. It's not just pretty. It helps you run your business.

We can automate your current Microsoft Office Suite Workflow, using Microsofts native VBA scripting language or evaluate your entire operation end-to-end and recommend some simple automation or a complete ground-up rebuild to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs and redundent or  outdated systems. We can also integrate new mobile technology into your business process and connect you to your business and your customer 24/7. Any consulting firm can take your money for simply looking around and telling you what you should do. We take a different approach. We take the time to understand your business - past, present and future, explore and present you with a short list of possible solutions, help you pick the most beneficial one, then build it, implement it, train your staff, and support it. Cradle to grave. 

Tired of copying the same data into multiple systems like orders into sales department Excel spreadsheets, then copying it into Word document templates for PO's and invoices, then again into Excel documents for inventory and management reports, then yet again into your stand alone accounting system and all the while dupicating data and never knowing which version is current. We have built databases for managing the provisioning, including a master database, multi-tiered pricing, PO generation and real-time invoicing. It is currently used to help corporate Head Office Managers of a major Canada-wide chain of owner operated franchise stores kit out and launch new franchise stores. What used to take weeks in Excel and left no audit or paper trail, is now accomplished in days and every new store has a complete history and audit trail. Complete end-to-end tracking and accountability and traceability. A bean counters dream.

We have built Time Clock and Project Tracking systems which allow management to track multiple projects right down to the production status, in near real time, of individual engineering drawings for a Automation and Experimental Engineering company with customers throughout North America. A Data collection system logs raw data which in turn supports experimental development claims for SR&ED refunds. An integrated engineering department legacy system for generating and tracking drawings and releasing complete drawing packages to the shop floor now simultaneously facilitates direct export of engineering drawings and production times into the system. Project quote information (times and costs tracked to the individual component level) are extracted directly from legacy project quotesheets (why re-invent the wheel and add a steep learning curve when you can simply interface with  something that has evolved over 15 years and works just fine?)  and automatically feeds it into an Access database which then tracks employee time booked to each drawing and assembly and allows real time progress and project tracking and allows management to proactively identify potential cost over runs or material and manpower shortages and take corrective action.

This production management and time sheet systems is built by integrating legacy Excel quote sheets which were modified to dynamically export project data into a custom Access database. Employees now use magnetic swipe cards and touch screen terminals to clock on and off jobs eliminating manual time sheets and virtually eliminate work order transcription errors. And since it all happens in real-time and not at the end of the week when employees are trying to leave for the weekend and at the same time trying to remember what they worked on and for how long, it provides management with real time snapshots of project status for every in-process project any day of the week. That's how you track your projects and keep them from coming off the rails.

Keywords: Drawings, Engineering Company, Engineering Drawings, Project Tracking Systems, Tracking Systems,