WarmPro IBC Base Heaters

WarmPro IBC Base Heaters from WarmPro

By: WarmPro  10-08-2011
Keywords: Heating Systems, material handling systems, 275 gal tote heaters

 WarmPro manufactures a range of high quality, industrial base heaters for controlling the temperatures of products transported and/or stored in IBC and Drum containers. Every base heater contains a set of new age, carbon/graphite heating element, each fitted with full temperature regulation and over temperature limiting to provide exceptional reliability and electrical redundancy.

The WarmPro IBC Base Heater is a metal enclosed electric heater engineered to heat 275 gal of liquid or semi solid product for discharge from the IBC. The heater is designed to warm product from ambient temperatures to 45-50°C within 36-48 hours.

The WarmPro IBC Base Heater Mat is a universal, reuseable low cost solution to IBC heating and can raise the temperature of liquid product to more than 30°C in 48 hours.

Keywords: 275 gal tote heaters, Bulk Container Heaters, Heating Systems, Honey Heaters, material handling systems, Tote Heaters, Transport Container Heating Systems, Viscous Material Heaters,

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WarmPro Drum Heating Systems provide an efficient and effective means of heating liquid and semi-viscous materials transported and/or stored in steel and plastic drums. By incorporating cutting edge technology with class leading design, WarmPro Drum Heaters deliver exceptional performance while retaining a prolonged service life and minimal cost per use.

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WarmPro jackets are specially engineered to provide exceptional heat transfer while maintaining high durability and energy efficiency. Specifically designed, individually regulated carbon graphite heating elements combined with multi layered insulation materials incorporated into each jacket panel minimize energy loss and create a stand alone ‘hot room’ for heating liquid and semi solid products in low ambient temperatures.

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