Industry specific Simulation Decision Support Solutions

By: Visual8  09-12-2011

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With years of experience assisting clients in the automotive sector, Visual8 consultants have faced and solved a wide range of industry challenges.


Visual8 has developed a range of software based Decision Support Solutions for Healthcare clients designed to improve operational efficiency.

Food & Beverage

Decision Support Solutions for Food and Beverage clients designed to improve production efficiency, better manage customer demand and product safety.

Metals Processing

From Production Operations to Facility Design or Project Feasibility, a Visual8 Decision Support Solution can help your business improve overall efficiency.

Mining & Resources

Decision Support Solutions for Mining, Natural Resources and Utilities clients designed to improve production and operational efficiency.

Logistics & Transport

Effectively managing the flow of goods and services from points of origin to their final destinations is a challenging business. Decision Support can help.


With years of experience assisting clients in the manufacturing industry, Visual8 process consultants have faced and solved a wide range of challenges.

Other products and services from Visual8


Business process modeling services

Unlike static spreadsheet or flowchart based models, which can only provide a snapshot of a system, the use of business process modeling to assist in business process improvement allows you to see the dynamics of your process played out over time.


Process Modeling, Predictive Analysis & Decision Support

Each and every Visual8 decision support solution follows a structured process that we have developed through our years of experience working with clients addressing their specific industry challenges. We offer necessary expert consulting which provides you with an powerful and customizable “end-product simulation model” that you can use to evaluate your business practices.