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By: Vfa  09-12-2011

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CAPPlan™ (Capital Asset Planning Process Business Case Tool) is a highly flexible and configurable business case development tool. Preparing a business case is often the genesis point where a capital expenditure will be incorporated into a corporate capital program or not. Business cases justify increasing the capabilities of an organization adding new capabilities and/or capacities. The extension of business case preparation to the renewal, functional and regulatory capital expenditure worlds is new and extremely powerful.

CAPPlan™ has the technology tools built in which allow an individual to work with a template to prepare a corporate customizable business case. The CAPPlan™ suite can be securely used throughout the organization by all personnel involved in the capital management decision making process. Justification for expenditure of funds can be applied against various capital projects. Risk assessments based on consistent analysis structure can be incorporated into the capital planning deliberation process. A comprehensive risk and costs analysis can then be completed and compared with revenues through various scenarios.

Benefits that you can expect from CAPPlan™ include:

  • An advanced, configurable business case writer.
  • Financial Analysis Tools.
  • Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Data from CAPP worlds; financial tables, ACL business fit, ACL Enviromental Fit, ACL social fit.
  • Business Case Templates
  • Business Case storage and versioning

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Altus Capital Planning - Combining Vision with Technology

CPSI's Total Capital Planning Solution provides an organization with a set of methodologies and technologies to help senior management effectively manage the capital expenditures associated with their physical assets, and identify and solve aging physical asset issues before they become problems in the future.


Altus Capital Planning - Combining Vision with Technology - integration

Clients that wish to integrate their existing financial, CMMS, project management or GIS systems will receive data generated in TCPS® systems and will send TCPS® data at a detailed or summary level – depending on the requirement. Commercially available adaptors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft etc., allow the integration to remain intact despite changes or upgrades in any of the interacting systems.


Altus Capital Planning - Combining Vision with Technology - support

We listen to what our clients say – if you have good ideas and wish lists you will probably find we will adopt it and include it in our next release. For the past 3 years in a row our customers have voted us as Number 1 in our support offering because. No question is too silly – we are committed to education of our clients as well as solving issues. We go above and beyond - often solving problems outside of our scope and into the environment.


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The Capital Asset Management industry, your employer, clients, and peers will recognize your ReCAPP® Certification credential as a symbol of the skills and knowledge you have gained through experience. Earning a Physical Planning Technologies certification acknowledges your expertise in working with ACP products and technologies.