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By: Vfa  09-12-2011

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CPSI's Total Capital Planning Solution (TCPS®) provides an organization with a set of methodologies and technologies to help senior management effectively manage the capital expenditures associated with their physical assets, and identify and solve aging physical asset issues before they become problems in the future.

TCPS® is an integrated decision-support tool that re-tasks new capital into four distinct categories: Renewal, Program, Compliance, and Strategic. With TCPS®, every organization is able to develop new capital business strategies, processes, methodologies, and technologies so they can identify, document, analyze, approve, and execute activities associated with both new and existing physical assets.

By understanding the nature of Capital spending, organizations using TCPS® are able to successfully manage physical assets and can:

  • Provide better corporate governance by introducing the capital asset planning process into its core business functions;
  • Improve its ability to financially review, assess, plan, and approve capital spending;
  • Allow operational and technical asset management personnel to develop plans that are tied directly to the strategic goals of the organization;
  • Steer itself into a leadership role within its industry sector.

ReCAPP® (Renewal Capital Asset Planning Process) helps you plan and prioritize the renewal of your physical assets using lifecycle planning principles. Using ReCAPP®, you determine funding levels based on maintenance practices, desired condition values, and financial returns.

Few organizations are equipped to handle the sometimes overwhelming spending swings associated with the repair and replace activities of deteriorating assets. The amount of funding in renewal can have a direct and profound effect on the value of the investment. All assets degrade over time. The only way to accurately know your organizations exposure is to have a detailed understanding of your physical assets.

ReCAPP® is software and a methodology that provides process to capital planning that allows you to do more strategic thinking and less collecting of relevant data.

The direct benefits you can expect from ReCAPP®, include:

  • Understanding the state of your physical assets including replacement costs, lifecycle analysis, and current and future funding needs;
  • Understanding the implications of deferred capital as it relates to measured conditions and strategic goals;
  • Building compelling business cases for funding needs and allocations;
  • Producing consistent reports designed to deliver accurate planning data in presentable form; and,
  • Approving and implementing capital planning activities based on set priorities in line with the strategic goals of the organization.

ProCAPP® (Program Capital Asset Planning Process) focuses on the functionality of assets. It helps you plan and prioritize spending to reach the desired level of asset functionality and lets you assess the performance of an asset against a pre-determined standard.

The program elements within this powerful decision support tool include predicting program changes, identifying future capacity estimates, proposing aesthetic improvements and scheduling upgrade programs.

Benefits you can expect from ProCAPP®, include:

  • The ability to determine space and facility suitability relative to performance standards;
  • Identifying costs and implications associated with bringing the asset up to standard;
  • Determining and reporting (through compelling business cases) the gap analysis relative to actual performance vs. performance standards;
  • The ability to produce presentation reports at will and bring the priorities in line with the balance of the Capital Plan.

With ProCAPP® fully implemented, your organization will be in a position to better understand the current functional inadequacies of assets relative to expected performance standards.

RegCAPP™ (Regulatory Capital Asset Planning Process) tracks compliance issues (i.e. H&S, ADA, and Environmental) and their appropriate action. It lets you document risk and liability and helps prioritize decision-making based on legal responsibility and stewardship so you can develop a regulatory capital plan.

With RegCAPP™, business cases can be built using consistent, reliable and fully prioritized data from across the entire portfolio. This important decision support tool measures the implication of compliance, code, and stewardship issues and helps to ensure capital spending minimizes exposure while maximizing returns.

Benefits you can expect from RegCAPP™, include:

  • Structured database of asset issues and activities related to environment, compliance, code and corporate stewardship;
  • The ability to prioritize activities based on risk mitigation and legal implications;
  • Capability of designing a compelling business case for capital funding needs related to environmental issues;
  • Allocating funding and initiating projects for approval and implementation; and
  • Ability to deliver consistent results oriented reports on demand.

StratCAPP® (Strategic Capital Asset Planning Process) lets you determine new strategic capital needs, whether they are for physical assets or new products. Using a series of financial tools to assess the investment value of new capital (IRR, NPV, ROI/BCR), you can address business fit against business risk and analyze costs and revenues through various scenarios.

StratCAPP® is an integrated part of CPSI's Total Capital Planning System, and perfectly complements technical, performance, and legal requirements of the other CAPP applications. Using StratCAPP®, you can apply a wide variety of financial analysis tools to any of your capital spending requirements including scenario analysis and Monte Carlo simulations.

Benefits that you can expect from StratCAPP®, include:

  • Completing consistent financial analysis using appropriate financial tools;
  • Comparing asset costs and investment to benchmarks and other similar assets within your portfolio;
  • Help in determining the optimum time to dispose of an asset as it relates to condition vs. operational metrics;
  • Identifying future renewal costs associated with the initial investment;
  • Predicting deferred capital costs into the future and identifying the associated capital projects; and,
  • Determining whether maintenance costs are protecting the investment value and at what point capital is required to sustain or improve the asset in both value and utilization.

Creating an initial inventory or Assets, Components / Elements and Events is a very time consuming and expensive process. However, having an inventory is crucial to the success of any Capital Planning technology and business process.

CPSI now has an advanced Service Oriented Architecture containing a client configurable reference database. This reference database serves as a template for populating our client’s own database. These templates contain 1000’s of possible component structures, cost, and useful life tables. Refined from years of experience as well as a complex set of criteria and algorithms, our wizard driven process can generate a large sized portfolio in minutes.

TCPS® allows organizations to utilize any costing source that they may choose to license. These costing sources can be downloaded into TCPS® and depending on the situation, the sources of costing information can be selected to meet the task at hand (ie RS Means for Buildings, US Army Corps of Engineers for paving, Whitestone etc.)

Verifying the integrity of data collected in the field, be it for renewal, functional or regulatory compliance issues is a time consuming activity taken on to ensure the quality of data provided to support capital planning. Technology which verifies the existence of data and to a certain extent, the quality of data, specifically costs is a key part of any automated data collection process. This technology generally is used by both the inspector and the peer review staff to simplify their task of data verification. It saves time and also improves the accuracy of data.

CPSI’s field data collection tool provides a very powerful capability which other technologies do not possess:

  • Stand alone Field Inspection Technology
  • Asset Condition Measured Against a Component
  • Functional Performance Against Asset or sub Asset
  • Regulatory Performance Against Assets
  • Field Inspection Quality Assurance Tools
  • Failure Mode, FMEA and FMECA Inspection Integrated into Field Assessment Tool
  • Component Condition, Performance and Compliance Assessment in one field tool
  • Use of ASTM type Standards for Performance Assessment
  • Integration of Photo Editing Technology
  • Tablet/ Notebook capable
  • Selective Data Replication and audit trail

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Altus Capital Planning - Combining Vision with Technology - capplan

Preparing a business case is often the genesis point where a capital expenditure will be incorporated into a corporate capital program or not. CAPPlan™ (Capital Asset Planning Process Business Case Tool) is a highly flexible and configurable business case development tool. Risk assessments based on consistent analysis structure can be incorporated into the capital planning deliberation process.


Altus Capital Planning - Combining Vision with Technology - integration

Clients that wish to integrate their existing financial, CMMS, project management or GIS systems will receive data generated in TCPS® systems and will send TCPS® data at a detailed or summary level – depending on the requirement. Commercially available adaptors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft etc., allow the integration to remain intact despite changes or upgrades in any of the interacting systems.


Altus Capital Planning - Combining Vision with Technology - support

We listen to what our clients say – if you have good ideas and wish lists you will probably find we will adopt it and include it in our next release. For the past 3 years in a row our customers have voted us as Number 1 in our support offering because. No question is too silly – we are committed to education of our clients as well as solving issues. We go above and beyond - often solving problems outside of our scope and into the environment.


Altus Capital Planning - Combining Vision with Technology - training

The Capital Asset Management industry, your employer, clients, and peers will recognize your ReCAPP® Certification credential as a symbol of the skills and knowledge you have gained through experience. Earning a Physical Planning Technologies certification acknowledges your expertise in working with ACP products and technologies.