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By: Vedaris Security Systems  09-12-2011
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Business owners are generally prioritizing when it comes to installation of security cameras in and around their business because there are many areas to cover, and it is expensive and unsightly to install enough cameras to truly provide the coverage that is needed. This however does not reduce the importance of providing coverage of these indoor and outdoor areas of the business. Arecont Vision has provided a new solution for providing coverage with a single camera in their new AV8180 180 degree panoramic 8.0 MegaPixel IP Camera. This AV8180 camera can provide coverage for a full 180 degree field of view replacing up to 24 analog security cameras.

The AV8180 camera has 4 x 2.0 MegaPixel image sensors built-in with 8mm megapixel lenses, providing 6400 x 1200 total resolution around the entire 180 degree viewable area. Unlike some panoramic cameras, the AV8180 from Arecont Vision provides this coverage without the distortion or “fish eye” appearance that occurs when a wide-angle lens is used…so that you get a true picture with optimum viewing angle from a single camera. The 4 separate 2.0 MegaPixel image sensors each provide a full 1600×1200 resolution video stream, and will be picked up as separate video streams by your NVR software.

For outdoor mounting, the AV8180 has optional wall mount and ceiling mount brackets with or without heater and blower to allow mounting this IP security camera in virtually any environment. This camera has become especially popular for monitoring outside areas like gas pumps, providing the ability to capture license plates from many different gas pumps simultaneously from a single camera, often replacing 6 or 8 cameras that were previously used for this purpose.

Keywords: Security cameras

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