360 degree coverage

By: Vedaris Security Systems  09-12-2011

Santec has launched what they market as a world first camera with the integrated 360° Immer Vision lens. The Santec SNC-P3601M camera is a network dome camera with 1.3 mega pixel resolution, H.264 coding, integrated SD-card and frame rate of 25 fps.

The camera is equipped with the innovative 360° Immer Vision lens which enables a 360° surveillance area with different simultaneous perspectives (360°, 2x180° or 4x90°).

Everything is visible at all times and will be recorded, thus there are no more “blind spots”. Contrary to other 360° cameras, the Santec SNC-P3601M allows the user to subsequently change the perspective of recorded pictures using a virtual PTZ control, irrespective of the original live view. The camera is already integrated into the Santec Sanguard software and the NUUO video management software. According to Santec the SNC-P3601M is unique to the market and clearly stands out from other 360° cameras due to its special characteristics. It can be used for almost all applications.

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