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By: Usc Consulting Group  09-12-2011

The heart and soul of our company is operations management. We specialize in business performance improvement based on making process, organizational, and cultural changes that, when properly implemented, will lead to a state of operational excellence.

Initially, we earned our reputation by rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side with our clients to improve their production processes. Our core strengths then (as now) were identifying and eliminating waste, reducing cost, increasing productivity and throughput, improving yields, and raising quality. But a lot has changed since our founding in 1968, and our capabilities have expanded to meet our clients’ growing needs.

Today, we are just as frequently engaged to prolong the productive life span of capital assets; develop and deliver an executive management dashboard through a business intelligence portal; reduce SG & A expenses enterprise-wide; or help a private equity firm increase the value of its holdings, as we are optimizing the production process itself.

The six basic capabilities are applicable to nearly all industries we serve. They are augmented, where necessary or appropriate, with a great many other methodologies, tools, and enablers that allow us to effectively address specific industry issues and opportunities.

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