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By: Travx  09-12-2011
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Travx Direct is the core of the Travx product offering.

It is a series of sophisticated programming interfaces that allow for the transfer of complex travel data between supplier inventory systems and the travel applications that sell it. Designed using the industry standard Web Services framework, travel applications can make simple XML type requests via Travx Direct in order to retrieve inventory, pricing and product information, and transact in real time from a vast array of travel suppliers.

Given the size of the travel industry, the challenge for suppliers and retailers is based in effective communication of real-time data. For every supplier and retailer in the marketplace, there exists a myriad of different systems employed to manage and sell inventory, thereby making it challenging for such sharing to take place. Travx eliminates these issues by creating ONE standardized programming interface for accessing all travel information. This allows both suppliers and retailers to focus their energies on the technologies and business requirements that generate revenues instead of spending their time developing programs to manage it.

Travx Direct does not stop at just providing an interface for suppliers and travel applications to communicate - it also provides several sophisticated tools to help in managing the sale of travel inventory from the supplier to the retailer, and from the retailer to the consumer.

A summary of some of these value added tools include:

  • Dynamic Packaging
    Tools that allow travel applications to combine several types of travel products under one itinerary, providing the end consumer with total control over their shopping experience
  • Static Packaging
    Allows for multiple product types to be coupled together. This permits a total opaque pricing methodology that removes the commoditization of the travel product and increases the bottom line to both the supplier and retailer
  • Aggregation Rules
    Since we link so many suppliers, at times there are risks of product duplication. For example, tour operator A and B may both offer the same hotel for sale. By employing sophisticated business rules, only one of the two results will be returned based on the criteria laid out
  • Payment Support
    We know how difficult it is, to not only obtain, but set-up online merchant accounts. We can provide services to help in this process so your development and business team can focus on the primary task of selling your products
  • Customized Product Integration
    Travx also provides the functionality for incorporating your own custom products into the sale. For example, you may wish to include a theatre ticket into one of your packages that is not available within the system. You can do this by simply creating a custom product entry into any particular package
  • Much, much, more.
    There are many additional features that those listed here.

Keywords: Inventory Systems, Packaging, Tour Operator, Travel Inventory, Travel Products, web services,

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