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By: Toronto Microelectronics Inc. (tme)  09-12-2011
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Fleet Solutions « TME-INC.COM

Wireless, GPS | Video & Information Management

TME’s SmartServer™ application is designed with the fleet operator in mind. All of our ViewTrack branded systems are ready for integration with SmartServer™.

Using the Video, Sensor and GPS data collected by our DVR systems on their vehicles,  the fleet operator can:

  • Track the location history of any individual vehicle by date and time
  • Check speed, and driver skills ( braking, turning, acceleration etc.)
  • View  video recorded during incidents for insurance or legal purposes
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With TME’s SmartServer™ Fleet Video & Data Management System, you have a complete wireless,GPS, and network integrated solution. With SmartServer™ you have total control of all your video from within the SmartServer™ Video Command Center. SmartServer™ makes fleet management easy, allowing you to access video and data wherever, and whenever you need it—from any computer on your network—without ever having to leave your office!

  • The driving force behind SmartServer™ , HandsFree™ Wireless takes the video to the air! High-Speed Wireless video and data transfer is what makes the system so seamlessly easy. HandsFree™ does the work so you dont have to!No more fussing with cables and hard drives. The video comes to you!




Video Command Center
The SmartServer™ Video Command Center software application is what brings it all together. Have all of  your vehicles, with video,  GPS, and G-Force data at your control, under one centralized interface. Call the plays and take control of your fleet—all from your desk!Everything is in One Place
- Access all data from one centralized interface
- Save time and money!Everything is in One Place
HandsFree™ Wireless
The driving force behind  SmartServer™ , HandsFree™  Wireless takes the play to the air! High-Speed Wireless video and data transfer is what makes the system so seamlessly easy.HandsFree™ does the work so you don’t have to!Hands-Free Video & Data Transfer
- No more going to the bus! 
- No more fussing with cables and hard drives.
Secure Video Storage
Video Data is encrypted through our proprietary encryption protocol.  For your protection, only our DVRViewer™  software application may be used for video playback.Your Data is Protected
- Only authorized users can view video
Auto/On-Demand Data Transfer
Any flagged or “marked” video clips can be set to automatically download onto the server through pre-defined settings, or can be requested on-demand by user-specified criteria.Any available metadata (G-Force & GPS data) is also automatically downloaded to the server.Automatic Data Transfer
- The video (and data) comes to you!
- All video is transfered whether the driver reports in or not
Pull Video Clips On-Demand
-  Get the exact video clip you need; request by your
user-specified criteria such as by vehicle, date, time etc.
DVR Auto Maintenance
No more having to go to the bus to tweak system settings.Now you can change settings such as frame rates and more directly from the TouchDown Video Command Center.Easy  Maintenance
- Adjust settings, upgrade software right from your desk
Health Check
On start-up, the DVR unit performs a series of system check-points to make sure everything is in working order.Should there be any problems, the error is reported and the user will be immediately notified on the SmartServer™ Video Command Center.Peace of Mind
- Automatic status reporting of DVR, cameras, temperature etc.
- If there is a problem, you will know before your vehicle
leaves the yard
MiniTrack™ GPS
With the power of GPS, MiniTrack™  tells you where your vehicle has been, how fast it was going, when and where it stopped, if it spent time idling, etc. giving you a wealth of information you can use for liability management, training, and much more!Best of all, there are no recurring service fees!Map View of Data
- View specific events mapped to a route and geographic area.
- Synchronize to video clip and view the actual event
Data Text Reports
- Good for  when analyzing data at a fleet level or reviewing the
activity of a vehicle, driver or group over a period of time.
- Export data to Excel for detailed analysis, or archiving
Add the DriveSafe™ package, using our G-Force module, and gain access to accelerometer data.  Analyze vehicle movement in all directions. Establish your own threshold levels or use defaults provided. View video of “impact” events, working in conjunction with video to deliver the ultimate driving training and liability management tool.Vehicle Movement/Impact Data
- Assess driving habits by analyzing video along with G-Forces
during starts, stops, sharp turns  etc.
- Review video of  “impact” event and know what happened
to your vehicle, and easily resolve liability issues.
- Upgradable  when you are—for long product service-life
- Long service-life means a great return on investment!

Keywords: Dvr Systems, Fleet Management, Video

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