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By: The Elusive Fish  09-12-2011

Does your business need a website?

If your business can survive on walk-in trade alone, if you have no need to advertise or communicate with customers, employees or suppliers, if you have no intent on growing from your present size or location: then no, you probably don't need a website.

Truth be told, there are few businesses that wouldn't reap benefits from a well designed website. A website is perhaps the most efficient and cost-effective method of marketing your business. A website can help generate quality leads. What's more, a website will give you a valuable channel of communication with your customers, associates and stakeholders.

And of course, people expect to find you online. If they aren't finding you online, you can be sure they're finding your competitors.

What's a blog? Should I podcast? They want to subscribe to our feed – what the heck's that and do we have one?

The internet brings new challenges and opportunities. Social and collaborative tools can help you identify and connect with your strongest supportors, face your toughest critics and improve the way you do business. The Elusive Fish can show you tools that can greatly benefit your business, advise you on internet culture and guide you away from making costly blunders.

Do you already have a website? What has it done for you lately?

Is your website driving sales? Is it saving you time? Has it helped you to connect with your customers? If your website isn't a constant source of new business it is not living up to its potential. Let The Elusive Fish help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current site. We can help turn an underperforming website into your best business tool.

The Elusive Fish can establish your online presence and build you a professional site that will reflect your unique story. The Elusive Fish can help give your underperforming site a kickstart and be your guide in finding success through web based tools. Tell us what you need and we'll tell you how we'll deliver. Not sure what you need? We'll help you explore your options.

The Elusive Fish is your expert in web design and new media.

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From my brain to your eyes - the steps involved in bringing an illustration onto a blank page. Good presenters can, as PowerPoint was never a crutch for them in the first place. When your PowerPoint crutch is kicked out from under you, can you recover.


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Whether you are seeking to establish a presence online, looking to magnify your word of mouth exposure, or wishing to enhance your communications with technology, The Elusive Fish is your expert in web design and new media. Providing cost-effective communication and marketing services for the entrepreneur, the small to mid-sized business and home office, The Elusive Fish is your one-stop source for creative services.


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From my brain to your eyes - the steps involved in bringing an illustration onto a blank page.


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We can work along side you on a project by project basis, or give you and your staff the training and coaching they require to becom experts in their own right. The Elusive Fish provides consultation and training on matters of marketing, communications and social media. Leverage our knowledge and expertise for your success.


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You don't have to struggle to find the right words; you don't have to rely on generic clip art or stock photo that everyone else has used; you don't have to settle for second rate work: because The Elusive Fish is here to be the creative member of your team. Unless there is a deeper understanding of the intent and goals of your materials, the creative may hinder or even fight against your goals.