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By: The 2020 Group  09-12-2011

Do you know 

  • what your clients care about?
  • what your clients’ concerns are when dealing with your firm?
  • how your clients rate your practice?
  • what other services your clients are interested in receiving?

Do you know? OR (more likely)….Do you think you know? Have you asked them? Unless you ask the questions, you never really know. 

The most successful and profitable practices in the U.K. and Ireland take the time to listen to their clients to truly add value to their practice.

At the 2020 Group we have developed a proven methodology of surveying your clients. 

How does it work?

We will provide you with a standard letter to send to your top 50 clients which have been selected by the partners. The letter indicates the importance of both positive and negative feedback and that if they should be contacted over the phone, would they mind spending a few minutes with a specialist from the 2020 Group.

2020 then personally telephone all of the clients and summarise the results. Typically the telephone interviewing will cover 90% - 100% of the clients listed.After summarising the results, Gordon Gilchrist will visit your firm to present the findings to all of the partners. You are also provided with recommendations from Gordon, based on his unique knowledge gained by covering over 15,000 past interviews. Specifically this means that you are provided with recommendations as to how other firms have dealt with areas of weakness and specific client concerns will also be highlighted.

What does it cost?

The cost involved to:

  • Carry out the telephone research
  • Summarise the results
  • Meet with the firm for a 3 hour presentation to give feedback, and Give recommendations.

is set at £60 per client for the first 50 clients and reduces to £50 per client thereafter.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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