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By: The 2020 Group  09-12-2011
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The 2020 New Business Kit is a comprehensive guide to the financial, tax and accounting considerations of starting a successful business. It is an ideal pack to present to clients and prospects starting new businesses. It can also be given to solicitors, bank managers and other introducers for them to pass on and can be branded with your firm’s logo and contact details.  

We are able to offer personalised copies of The New Business Kit to firms, printed as 80-page 7’ x 10’ (177mm x 254mm) perfect bound paperbacks, with mono interiors and full colour glossy covers.

If you are interested in ordering small quantities of The New Business Kit (up to around 25-50 copies), we recommend using

, a publishing company based in the USA. The following prices are based on the trim size of 7’ x 10’:

Number of Books Cost Per Book    Priority Delivery (2 business days) Expedited Delivery (18 business days) Standard Delivery (31 business days)
1 $3.66 $27.38 $10.28 $6.38
5 $3.66 $48.94 $23.44 $15.94
10 $3.66 $66.99 $34.49 $23.99
25 $3.66 $134.49 $75.74 $53.99
50 $3.66 $201.99 $116.99 $83.99
100 $3.66 $381.99 $226.99 $163.99
250 $3.66 $921.99 $556.99 $403.99

As you can see from the table above, the delivery option you select will have a large impact on the final order cost. Please note that delivery times do not include the time it takes to print the books.

The table below contains quotes for various quantities of books, together with delivery costs. Unlike CreateSpace, the cost per book decreases as more are ordered, making it a more cost-effective solution for larger orders.

Number of books Cost per book Delivery (one rate) Total order cost
1 £51.95 £10.08 £62.03
5 £11.94 £10.38 £70.10
10 £6.94 £10.75 £80.15
25 £3.92 £11.88 £110.00
50 £2.90 £13.75 £158.73
100 £2.35 £17.50 £252.44
250 £1.90 £28.75 £503.44

All orders from Print on Demand are printed and delivered within approximately 7-10 working days. 

Please note that prices on this page are for guideline purposes only, as they may change.

How to Print Your Book

Once you have decided on the quantity and delivery of your books, you have 2 options regarding the printing of your books: 

Option 1: Print it Yourself

For firms who wish to organise their own printing of the New Business Kit, 2020 will supply you with the complete inner text file in Microsoft Word – this will need to be correctly formatted according to the specifications of the printer, before being converted to a PDF. A cover PDF will also need to be produced to the correct size. These files must then be submitted to the relevant printer upon placing an order.

The cost of this inner text file is as follows: 

  • 2020 Members will receive the inner text file free of charge 

  • The cost for Non Members is £75.00 plus VAT. 

Option 2: 2020 Tailored Service

2020 are pleased to offer a tailored service to your firm that will take all the hard work out of the book production process. Based on the trim size 7’ x 10’, we will:

  1. Create the exterior cover image to the correct size, with your firm’s contact details and logo

  2. Amend the interior contents with your firm’s relevant contact details and firm name

  3. Correctly format the interior file and cover

  4. Send you the amended cover and interior files to approve

  5. Make any amendments to these files

  6. Convert the interior and cover into print-ready PDFs, before submitting these to the appropriate printer

  7. Liaise with the printer and make any necessary adjustments to the files

  8. Order a proof copy of the book and send to you to approve

  9. Once the proof is approved, order the full amount of copies, including delivery direct to your firm 

The price of this tailored service is £150.00 plus VAT and includes the cost to order a proof copy. Please note that you will also need to pay for the delivery and printing costs of your books.

We are also able to offer the New Business Kit in other trim sizes – please contact us for a quote.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: publishing company, Tax And Accounting

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