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By: Teech Data  09-12-2011

Restricted Product Lines


Tech Data Authorization Desk: 800-322-7959        
Fax Number: 727-538-7081
Extension: 77959

Application Information

Process: Resellers will need to contact Vickie Wright with detailed information about the Alcatel product(s) they would like to become authorized for, i.e. one time opportunity, long term authorization which would require end-user information, etc.

Processing Time: 2-3 Days

Requirements / Notes: For additional information/assistance, contact Alcatel at 1-800-Alcatel (252-2835).

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Tech Data - VA Com

Applies to Product Lines - HPVCXE, HPVCXC Requirements to resell HP A-Series restricted products for US partners. Applies to Product Line - HPH3CR Requirements to resell TippingPoint restricted products for US partners. NBX, H3C, TIPPING POINT, VCX CONNECT and VCX ENTERPRISE. HPVCXE, HPTIPP, HPLIC, HPH3CR, HPTPSV, HPVCXC, HPTIPP. Tech Data will work with HP to obtain pre-approval.


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By offering a full complement of support services ranging from product sourcing, credit, financing, integration, logistics management, marketing, training, and technical services, Tech Data provides its customers with the tools to maximize business opportunities.


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Tech Data's Business Partner Authorizations desk is staffed with specialists who work directly with manufacturers who require an authorization to purchase product. Business Partner Authorization Requirements/Applications: 322-7959.


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Replacement returns of products damaged on arrival - If you have a COD account, Tech Data ships the replacement product as soon as the replacement order is placed. All eligible returns will receive a Credit that will be issued at current pricing or original purchase price, whichever is lower, for use toward future purchases.